Saddle Hills County reaches $1M in giving to STARS

Saddle Hills County reaches $1M in giving to STARS 5 Sep, 13, Source: STARS

Saddle Hills County has been supporting STARS since 2007. Their 2012 commitment of $450,000 over three years, which equals $61 per capita, pushed the municipality past the significant milestone mark.

“We are a busy remote location with lots of oil and gas companies coming in to work, and response times on ground can be high,” said Saddle Hills County Reeve Tim Stone. “We want to make sure people are protected. The availability of STARS is a matter of life and death.”

“Our contribution isn’t just for Saddle Hills County,” adds Stone. “It’s for everyone in the northern region who may need the help of STARS.”

“It is an incredible achievement for a municipality to have reached this level,” said Glenda Farnden, STARS major gift manager. “This is a testament to the steadfast commitment that Saddle Hills County holds for rural Albertans and exemplifies to our entire province, the team effort that it takes to save lives.”

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