Australia – AHIA and CASA form closer ties to expedite regulatory reviews

Australia – AHIA and CASA form closer ties to expedite regulatory reviews

10-Sep-2013 Source: AHIA

History was made on the evening of Mon 9 Sep ’13, when the AHIA and CASA took part in the first teleconference to formalise the establishment of a CASA Liaison Officer to work with the various AHIA working groups now undertaking a detailed review of a range of new CASRs and associated standards.

Peter Crook, President, AHIA, called Peter Boyd, Executive Manager, Standards Division, and welcomed the CASA team to the AHIA Board’s Skype link-up. Peter Boyd introduced Dale South, Project Manager, Rotary Wing Regulations as the Liaison Officer between CASA and the AHIA. (Dale may also be invited to observe at AHIA Board meetings if industry matters involving the regulator need clarification or further work to be resolved).

President Peter Crook then introduced the other AHIA Board members; Mark Scrymgeour, Vice President and Rob Rich, Company Secretary and Events Coordinator. Peter told the CASA team Mark had formed a working group which had found some amendments to CASR Part 61 (Flight crew licensing) and the applicable Manuals of Standards (MOS). The latter are replacing the CAO’s and syllabuses, etc., although the deadline has passed for comment on the new 1,299 pages of legislation; it was impossible to review the sheer volume of reference material in the allotted eleven weeks; but the all-volunteer AHIA working group is still working away and recording things in need of attention.

Both parties agreed the volume and new format of the untried legislation had caused misunderstanding amongst industry key players and some regional CASA staff. Some regions have a different opinion on the intent of some regulations or standards. The AHIA sought a better way to process their findings as the deadline for implementation of CASR Part 61 is 4 December 2013 – and time now is of the essence.

On the 5 August 2013, Peter Crook wrote to the Director of Aviation Safety (DAS), John McCormick and sought a closer working relationship between the AHIA and CASA during the review processes. In reply, the DAS offered assistance in the form of a Liaison Officer, Dale South, from Peter Boyd’s Standards Division, a most welcome outcome.
In brief, the first teleconference confirmed reporting protocols and facilities for the existing CASR Part 61 (MOS) review. Peter Boyd, as Dale’s manager, will provide assistance and advice as required. Dale will monitor communications between AHIA reviewers and CASA project officers.

It was recognised Mark and his eight man team have put in an enormous amount of work to date. Hopefully, they are nearing completion of the basic legislation; but the looming release by CASA of sample expositions for flying schools being reclassified as CASR Part 141 and 142 flying schools will be a major project for Mark’s team.

The Medical Transport Operations, CASR Part 138 and NVIS Briefing will be held in Adelaide on 25-75 Sep ’13. The AHIA representative will be by Rob Rich who will be the convenor of the AHIA working group for this industry group if needed later.

The inaugural teleconference ended in good humour and expressions of mutual support for the enormous tasks ahead of the AHIA (on behalf of the industry) and the CASA Standards Division. Teleconferences will be held weekly on a Monday. However, on Thu 12 Sep ’13, Peter Crook will host a teleconference to introduce the CASA representatives to the CASR Part 16 (MOS) review team consisting of: Colin Clarke, Ray Cronin, Peter Crook, Steve Dean, Graeme Gillies, Brett Newman, Rob Rich, Mark Scrymgeour and Michael Van Der Zipp.

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