France testing MU90 torpedo on NH90 Caiman

France testing MU90 torpedo on NH90 Caiman

11-Sep-2013 Source: French Navy

[Electronic translation]  A new milestone has been reached in the framework of the operational implementation of the Cayman Step B in the Navy: the first flight experiment with MU90 torpedo exercise. This flight was made on September 5 by the NH90 detachment CEPA/10S, and marks the beginning of the technical and operational evaluation of this new capacity, from land bases and frigates at sea full system qualification by the manufacturer is scheduled for mid-November, allowing the CEPA/10S to finalize this assessment by firing a torpedo combat by the end of the year.

The MU90 is a lightweight torpedo [1] for the fight against the most powerful nuclear and conventional submarines, they sail in deep water or near the coast. It can also be launched by the ASM F70 frigates, the multi-mission frigates (FREMM), the Horizon frigates, the Atlantic 2 (ATL2) Lynx helicopters and the Cayman Marine.

The Cayman is a Marine helicopter mounted combat whose primary purpose is to conduct missions anti-submarine and anti-surface of struggle from the Aquitaine class frigates (FREMM) and Forbin (FDA). It can also conduct maritime missions against-terrorism, support of a naval and maritime rescue.

Torpedo data – standard 299kg; launch with accessories 317kg, diameter: 324mm, 2920mm length.


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