ERHC Continues to Support Local Rotary-Wing Aviation

ERHC Continues to Support Local Rotary-Wing Aviation 12 Sep, 13, Source: HAI

From September 6-7 in Mahwah, N.J., HAI President Matt Zuccaro attended the annual meeting of the Eastern Region Helicopter Council (ERHC), an HAI Affiliate Member that represents the helicopter industry throughout the New York metropolitan area and the Northeast Corridor.

Zuccaro provided the 75 ERHC members in attendance with an update on HAI activities and the status of the international helicopter community. Other presentations covered such topics as ERHC’s Helicopter and Airspace Protection Program, noise abatement, and safety initiatives.

A founding member of ERHC more than 30 years ago, Zuccaro has remained a staunch supporter of the organization and its members ever since. “The ERHC has served its members and the industry well for over 30 years, representing them on such issues as heliports, noise impact, community, and legislative liaison,” notes Zuccaro. “I am encouraged by the industry’s continued support of ERHC and the great work the council is doing under the leadership of its chairman, Jeff Smith.”

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