Helibras tests countermeasures system on EC725

Helibras tests countermeasures system on EC725

12-Sep-2013 Source: Helibras

[electronic translation] Helibras successfully conducted the flight test campaign system launcher countermeasures “Chaff & Flare” EC725 helicopter. The design of system integration, unprecedented in Brazil for this aircraft model, represents the fulfillment by Helibras another important phase of Project H-XBR, which by 2017 will provide the Brazilian Armed Forces 50 new EC725, with an index of National aggregated content exceeding 50%.

Developed by Helibras Engineering Center, under the direction of engineer Walter Son, this self-protection system for military application is used to detect and identify threats to aircraft and are able to fool heat-seeking missiles or radar. Tests carried out, which are also unprecedented in the country, are part of the certification campaign of military operational versions of Project H-XBR with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) through its Institute of Aeronautical Technology (IFI).

Were performed on six helicopter flight prototype “BRA05” to perform a wide variety of testing the integrated systems which have proven reliable separation of pyrotechnic cartridges in the entire operating envelope of the helicopter. The EC725’s flights were operated by a crew of Brazilian Helibras, composed by Patrik Correa test pilot and the flight test engineer Dreyfus Silva.

The test flights occurred in the area of ​​testing SBR 309 (Restinga area) Air Base Santa Cruz, in Rio de Janeiro, at the beginning of August, through coordination of GAC-HB/COPAC, through its Technical Management , with the collaboration of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which provided the facilities at the air base for the campaign, and the Navy of Brazil, who provided a helicopter Super Puma AS332 L1 as “aircraft flirting” in the role of monitoring and verification of safety testing.

The test campaign also included the participation of representatives of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) through its Institute of Aeronautical Technology (IFI) and Research Institute of Flight (ENPI).

Project H-XBR

Project H-XBR originated with the signing of a contract between the consortium Helibras / Eurocopter and the Air Force Command in 2008, amounting to € 1.9 billion, which first contemplated a joint acquisition by the three Armed Forces 50 large multimission helicopters EC725, with the company’s commitment to manufacture these aircraft in the country and national resources, involving an ambitious program of technology transfer comprised 22 industrial cooperation projects and seven offset. The total investment of the project by Helibras / Eurocopter is R $ 420 million, which includes the physical facilities, training programs, and all the works and innovations necessary to the project of production of helicopters.

Through this agreement, the aircraft Helibras started producing at its plant in Itajubá, Minas Gerais, will have an aggregate national content greater than 50%, thus enabling organs and Brazilian defense companies involved in technologies and providing incentives for development of domestic industry. With regard to the supply chain, Helibras already hired 37 Brazilian companies that have been making the manufacture of parts, parts and service, accompanied by representatives of the three Armed Forces, ensuring effective transfer of technology required by the Brazilian government to the program.

Until this year, has been delivered 7 units of EC725, initially produced in France to comply with the dates of the contract. The next helicopters already in Itajubá, some in final testing phase and should be delivered in early 2014. Among them is the unit that serves as a model for the development and integration of systems, the first to go through all the stages of the production line in Minas Gerais.


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