Selex ES delivers TH500 simulator to Italy’s 72°Stormo unit

Selex ES delivers TH500 simulator to Italy’s 72°Stormo unit

13-Sep-2013 Source: Selex ES

Today at the military airport of Frosinone in Italy a ceremony was held for the inauguration of the TH-500 helicopter simulator. The system will be used in training courses for student pilots.

The simulator was developed in Italy by Selex ES and allows learners to cover visual and instrumental flight procedures, besides emergency procedures and communications. The technical solution used includes a cabin with real instruments, an aerodynamic model, high fidelity aircraft systems and a system with a wide field of view.

The TH-500 simulator was developed with the involvement of qualified personnel from the Italian Air Force’s A.M. (Aeronautica Militare) command school as well as test pilots and flight instructors from the 72nd Stormo (Wing). This activity was coordinated by the Air Force’s 4th Logistics Department.

At the inauguration ceremony Fabrizio Giulianini, CEO of Selex ES, said “We are very pleased to deliver this training solution for the TH-500 to the Italian Air Force. The innovative features of this system, Selex ES’s forefront technology and the extremely accurate simulation models will allow Air Force pilots to be fully trained and effective”.

The helicopter simulator TH-500B manufactured by Selex ES allows the student to perform training missions in the simulated under different conditions both normal and emergency, including: ground operations pre-flight and post-flight, take-offs and landings in different environments (eg on pitch), in different conditions of the aircraft (eg, different weights for crew and / or passengers), approach procedures, aviation (VFR) and instrument (IFR) flight at low altitude, “hovering” and dramatic maneuvers. For the interior (or cockpit) was used a real helicopter cabin that houses all the instruments on board, flight controls and the Control Loading System which are played through the efforts of the bar.

The simulation software reproduces, with high realism, the behavior of the helicopter, systems and onboard systems and simulates the external environment (wind, turbulence). The real-time simulation communicates bi-directionally with the carrier pilot from which it receives the commands of the pilots and the location of switches, knobs, and towards which sends signals that drive all the tools and indicators.

The Visual System consists of the image generator (Image Generator) VIR3X, entirely developed by Selex ES, which mimics the outside world, visible in all light conditions, weather effects, airport lighting and three-dimensional models. The display is via a system of 4 high resolution projectors and a screen semicylindrical that ensure a wide field of view equal to 180 ° horizontally and 72 ° vertically.

The Instructor Station allows control of the simulation session and the status of all subsystems. The functionality of Record & Replay of the mission, to which is added the availability of recordings taken from two cameras in the cab, allows a wide educational value even during the debriefing. The instructor can access all the features of the simulation even while sitting next to the student, thanks to a tablet PC connected via wireless network to the Instructor Station.

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