Global Military Radar and Rotorcraft Market 2013 – 2023

Global Military Radar and Rotorcraft Market 2013 – 2023

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The global defense industry is investing significantly in research and development (RandD) to increase the capabilities of modern military aircraft, naval vessels and missile defense systems which has led to the development of new and ground-breaking radar system technologies, which can enhance the detection capabilities, surveillance duration and resolution, incoming projectile defense capabilities, base and area protection capabilities and early warning system capabilities of the various types of military aircraft, naval vessels and ground-based forward forces. Current innovations are oriented towards integrating various band capabilities of different radars into a single module and developing multi-platform radars, based on modularity, without compromising on advanced technological features. The US is developing dual band radar that merges the X band SPY-3 radar with the S band volume search radar (VSR) system, and has also completed work on the new LONGBOW Block III Fire Control Radar incorporating improvements such as reduced size, weight, and maintenance and power requirements.

Most of the weight and space requirement for military radars comes from its need for power and cooling. Power storage, power conversion, and cooling require weight and space, all of which are usually in short supply on a warship. Powerful and technologically advanced radars need more power to drive them and will not be suitable for the older ships with 7.5 MW capacities, such as DDG-51 Flight I/II/IIAs. In the case of aircraft retrofits, performance and accuracy of radar systems must be improved within existing system design limits. Even if ample space exists, the additional equipment and antennas must be installed to avoid undue effects on the ship’s balance and center of gravity, and its sea keeping abilities. Managing and reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP) in military radars is essential for improving operational efficiency, as controlling these factors increases the mission life of the radar systems and reduces the total cost of system ownership. However, accomplishing these tasks is a challenge for the military radar industry given the varying set of constraints presented by every individual platform. System upgrades are also driving added functionality and increased performance, placing additional attention on SWaP. As a consequence, enabling radars with smaller footprints, lighter weight, and smaller batteries is a key challenge for the military radar industry.

Global Military Rotorcraft Market 2013 – 2023 –

“The Global Military Rotorcraft Market 2013-2023” offers the reader detailed analysis of the global military rotorcraft market over the next 10 years, alongside potential market opportunities to enter the industry, using detailed market size forecasts.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

Low intensity conflicts and operations other than war have increased significantly, driving the demand for military helicopters. In both land and maritime environments, fast moving unconventional and irregular enemy forces pose intelligence problems. Helicopters are well suited for this role with accurate intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities. In addition, demand for helicopters able to rapidly reconfigure other roles such as medical evacuation and other humanitarian relief efforts is expected to increase over the forecast period.

The report provides detailed analysis of the market for military rotorcraft during 2013-2023, including the factors that influence the reasons countries are investing or cutting defense expenditure. It provides detailed expectations of growth rates and projected total expenditure.

Many of the military helicopters are obsolete or reaching the end of their operational life, due to which, despite budget cuts, the global military rotorcraft market is expected to grow over the forecast period. Countries such as Russia, the US, Canada, France, Germany, France, China, and India are seeking to replace existing military rotorcraft with modern helicopters. In addition to modernizing existing fleets, countries are continuing to focus on acquiring new multi-role helicopters.

Key Market Issues

Military helicopter manufacturers are understandably anxious, primarily due to the expected US$700 billion defense budget cuts between 2012 and 2023. Even though helicopters are expected to be the one of the least affected segments, the market sentiments are cautious with regards to future expenditure. Traditionally, North America and Europe accounted for 80% of global defense expenditure. However, the global economic downturn, US economic crisis, and European debt crisis are expected to negatively impact defense expenditure over the forecast period.

Owing to limited budgets, many countries worldwide are looking to replace their helicopter fleet with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The reasons for this are that UAVs are cheaper, do not require support, and their pilots can fly from the safety of a control room. Owing to dangerous operations in Afghanistan and Iraq which have resulted in a low tolerance for casualties by the public, UAVs are considered to be ideal to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

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Global Military Fixed-Wing Aircraft Market 2013 – 2023 –

he report provides detailed analysis of the market for military aircraft during 2013-2023, including the factors that influence why countries are investing or cutting expenditure on military aircraft. It provides detailed expectations of growth rates and projected total expenditure.A significant number of countries are investing in the development of their domestic military aircraft industries by establishing strategic alliances and technology transfer agreements with global military aircraft manufacturers. In addition to improving the indigenous capabilities of a domestic defense firm, this provides the foreign original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with an opportunity to cater to a new market. Furthermore, some European countries that are still suffering from the effects of a recession, including France, Germany, Italy, and the UK, are undertaking joint research and development projects to reduce the per-unit costs of an aircraft. Additionally, partnerships between countries that possess an advance defense industrial base, such as the UK and France, aid the mutual sharing of advanced technology.

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The report provides detailed analysis of the market for UAV during 2013–2023, including the factors that influence the reasons countries are investing or cutting defense expenditure. It provides detailed expectations of growth rates and projected total expenditure. In light of their enhanced endurance and lower maintenance costs, solar-powered UAVs are emerging as the latest revelation in the market, attracting investment from defense ministries across the globe. High endurance of solar-powered UAVs enhances their ability to provide real-time, high-quality surveillance data for large geographical areas, and for longer periods. HALE UAVs offer a low-cost consistent surveillance capability and are capable of producing and storing solar energy in their fuel cells which can then be used for night flying.

Global Commercial Aircraft Market 2013-2023-

The global commercial aircraft sector is expected to experience a slow and stable growth during the forecast period. Airline companies around the world are expected to procure approximately 34000 airplanes during the 2011-2031 periods according to Boeing’s estimates. The commercial aircraft market grows parallel to the civil aviation markets across all major countries. With the civil aviation market improving steadily following the recent economic recession, the airline companies are spending significantly to replace their ageing aircraft fleets. Additionally, the expansion plans of airlines from major emerging markets of the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, and Europe has initiated a series of contracts for aircrafts of various types during the last few years. The global air traffic has also grown substantially with the surge in the number of passengers preferring air travel. These factors are therefore expected to cumulatively drive the commercial aircraft market during the forecast period.

Global Body Armor and Personal Protection Market 2013 – 2023 –

The global body armor and personal protection market is currently characterized by rapidly growing demand and not enough supply. Since combat operations began in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and allied forces have borne the brunt of frequent and deadly attacks from insurgents using various weapons such as improvised explosive devices (IED), mortars, rocket launchers, and increasingly lethal ballistic threats. Sir Jock Stirrup, the head of the British Armed Forces during the Iraq conflict, admitted that some troops sent into Iraq did not have the proper desert combat clothing and boots, while others did not get the body armor they should have had. In another incident, the lack of adequate body armor contributed to the death of a British Army sergeant in Iraq in 2006. An official report on the issues concerning the British Army criticized the MoD for failing to ensure that enough sets of the enhanced combat body armor were available for troops during the war. Furthermore, in April 2005, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported on shortages of critical force protection items, including individual body armor, primarily due to materials shortages, production limitations, and distribution problems.

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