PHPA Volunteers Needed for Working Groups on Noise Issues

PHPA Volunteers Needed for Working Groups on Noise Issues 18 Oct, 13, Source: PHPA

In an email addressed to PHPA Members, Board member Edward Story aimed to encourage PHPA members to volunteer for their Working Groups.  He reminded members that there have been two major meetings that the PHPA has had with the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition (“LAAHNC”) in 2013, including one in February 12 at the VNY (Van Nuys Airport) FlyAway facility, and the second and most recent meeting was September 18th also at VNY.   At the second meeting there were 34 attendees including 4 from Congress Members’ offices, 1 from Senator Feinstein’s office, 9 from the FAA (of which 3 flew in from Washington D.C.), about 10 from the various HOAs (LAAHNC members) and 9 of us from the helicopter industry.

The PHPA has been working with the LAAHNC to bring about a more factual basis upon which to make decisions regarding helicopter noise. This will be via a complaint compilation system. That effort is already well under way and we are seeking financing to put the system in place.   Out of the most recent meeting with the LAAHNC – September 18th – there were four “working groups” identified. Please take a look at the four working groups below for the topics we are working on with the LAAHNC.   PHPA is seeking volunteers for these working groups – with just six weeks left before the next meeting with LAAHNC, scheduled for December 4th.

With the most important need for volunteers first, here are the four working groups in PHPA priority order

  • PHPA needs a representative on the Routes Working Group (which also appears to be the most “popular” one so far).
  • They also need someone on the Outreach Working Group – as outreach will likely become as much as anything a function of PHPA. (We’ve proposed both a PHPA and an FAA approach to outreach.)
  • The Best Practices Working Group is likely a “mission statement” type-making group. ALthough lower priority, PHPA says they should have someone there, too; although this will be couched in broad terms it is important to have its substance and phrasing as precise and as functionally useful as possible.
  • PHPA has already put in a lot of time on the Noise Complaint System over the months since the initial February 12th meeting at the VNY FlyAway facility. The system has been selected and we have a few funding initiatives underway. The greatest need is on the other three working groups; that said, if there is anyone interested in working on funding this system, please let us know and you are welcome to join the working group.

More details:-

ROUTES WORKING GROUP – Develop potential route modifications for (1) coastal, (2) Robinson, and (3) Cahuenga Pass routes

George Abrahams, LAAHNC
Richard Root, LAAHNC
Mike Savidan, LAAHNC
Gerry Hans, LAAHNC
Chuck Street, LAAHOA

BEST PRACTICES WORKING GROUP — Develop best practices
Dave Garfinkle, LAAHNC

OUTREACH WORKING GROUP — Develop best methods for pilot outreach
None so far

NOISE COMPLAINT SYSTEM WORKING GROUP — Find best funding route for system
Bob Anderson, LAAHNC
Wayne Williams, LAAHNC


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