Dodge City Community College: No Unemployed Graduates

Dodge City Community College: No Unemployed Graduates 5 Nov, 13, Source: Universal Helicopters

Dodge City Community College (DC3) a world leader, offering a 2-year college degree in Applied Science utilizing Rotorcraft – Helicopters, has zero unemployed graduates since the program began, over 5 years ago. At the inception of their Flight Instructor Program, Dodge City Community College awarded its flight training contract to Universal Helicopters.

Universal Helicopters, a well-established helicopter flight training organization, has hired 100 percent of DC3’s students, once the student has completed the necessary helicopter ratings. In addition, students who have completed their tenure as flight instructor pilot with Universal Helicopters have obtained commercial pilot positions nationwide. This comprehensive Associates Degree in Applied Science trains students from the Ab Initio stages, through Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, including, Night Vision Goggle and Turbine transitions.

Anthony Lyons, V.P. of Community and Industry Relations at Dodge City Community College stated, “Before the start of the Military post 9/11 GI Bill, it was reasonable to assume that most of our graduates would have employment as a Helicopter Pilot/ Instructor once they completed their ratings through CFII but, to see the number of enrolled students increase by 5 times, both military and non-military, and to still experience a 100 percent placement rate after completion of all ratings through CFII, is unbelievable.”

According to Mr. Lyons, other colleges that have similar contracts with Universal Helicopters have been experiencing the same thing… All graduates are getting employed in the commercial helicopter industry.

“DCCC is in the education business to provide high demand, high paying jobs and careers to our graduates. With 22 technical programs at our college, we expect to see an average hiring rate of 70 to 90 percent after graduation. The results we have seen with our Helicopter Program…..well you can understand the joy and pride we all feel, related to this college program.” stated Dr. Don Woodburn, President of Dodge City Community College.

With 4 locations in 3 states, Arizona, Kansas and Utah, DCCC provides plenty of opportunities for students who want to become Commercial Helicopter Pilots. Please go to Dodge City Community College’s website at to get a closer look at our program. Click on Programs then Flight Instructor or call Mr. Anthony Lyons at 620-227-9203.

For detailed information about helicopter flight training, please go to the Universal Helicopters website at or call Dr. Gordon Jiroux at 602-460-2258.

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