AgustaWestland deny sale of three “Indian AW101s”

AgustaWestland deny sale of three “Indian AW101s” 14 Nov, 13, Source:

AgustaWestland was reported this week in another aviation journal as having sold three AW101s from the twelve built for India – the same batch of twelve currently subject to ongoing discussions with the authorities there (more updates on that front soon, we expect!).  AgustaWestland has  told that report is incorrect and if that was what Finmeccanica boss Alessandro Pansa said, our AW press office contacts said that he would not have understood the question on the analyst call from where it apparently originated.

AgustaWestland fully expect to be cleared under the investigation and to deliver all twelve aircraft.  We cannot see any reason for them to sell any on prior to the completion of the process with India as that would damage their negotiating position.

We note that the AW101 displayed at Helitech in September was also one of the Indian twelve, currently masquerading on a UK military registration with some extra removable titles so they can use it for marketing purposes.

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