Register Update – Canada – November 2013

Register Update – Canada – November 2013

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.



Our coverage of Canada currently features those helicopters imported to and exported from the country.

Aircraft imported to Canada

Helicopters with no prior registration quoted were manufactured in the country they are from, and did not take up a full registration prior to import. Destination C- Canadian registration is shown for each helicopter where known.

AS350B2 7524 from France as C-GLFI
AS350B3 7785 from France
B407 53551 N407KW from USA
B407 53064 VT-DAS from India as C-FVAV
Rotorway Scorpion 1 001MAC N5X from USA
S269C S1804 OY-HHB from Denmark

Aircraft exported from Canada

Helicopters with no Canadian registration quoted were manufactured in Canada and did not take up a full registration prior to export. Destination country is shown for each helicopter, together with its new registration in that country where known.

C-GGVW AS365N3 6593 to Ivory Coast
C-GLES B206B 1420 to USA
C-GTES B206B 2292 to USA
C-FSMW B206L 45052 to Antigua and Barbuda
C-GYII B206L4 52397 to China as B-7003
C-GXYJ B407 54147 to USA as N30BH
C-GYEQ B407 54148 to USA as N499PG
C-GWQF B407 54429 to China
C-GXSI B407 54451 to USA as N603BH
C-GXSV B407 54452 to USA as N498RQ
C-GXUF B407 54454 to USA as N2249Q
C-GXYK B407 54455 to USA as N54133
C-GXYG B407 54456 to USA as N499KB
C-GXYR B407 54457 to USA as N499QG
C-GYEO B407 54459 to USA as N18BH
C-GYET B407 54460 to USA as N208AM
C-GYFI B407 54461 to USA as N500UR
C-**** B407 54464 to USA reserved as N278AM
C-**** B407 54465 to USA as N706MT
C-**** B412EP 36648 to USA as N498QB
C-GXYT B412EP 36650 to USA as N499LC
C-**** B427 56045 to USA as N427ML
C-GVAV B429 57137 to USA as N490NL
C-GVTP B429 57145 to USA as N495ZB
C-GVUO B429 57148 to USA as N501FB
C-GWVD B429 57160 to USA as N159PD
C-GXFQ B429 57161 to USA as N168PD
C-GXFZ B429 57163 to USA as N165PD
C-GXHY B429 57165 to USA reserved as N498DT

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