Glasgow EC135 Crash – Blades were not turning at impact

Glasgow EC135 Crash – Blades were not turning at impact

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The AAIB has in the last three hours published an initial summary of their findings to date of the Scottish Police Eurocopter EC135 accident in Glasgow on 29th November. The accident killed the pilot from Bond Air Services, and the two police offciers in the helicopter – and a further six on the ground.

The AAIB Special Bulletin S9/2013 report includes the following quotes (with a couple of editor notes in italics added for explanation)

* Preliminary examination showed that all main rotor blades were attached at the time of the impact but that neither the main rotor nor the fenestron tail rotor were rotating.

* The initial evidence indicated that the helicopter struck the flat roof of the single story building with a high rate of descent and low/negligible forward speed.

* Initial assessment provided no evidence of major mechanical disruption of either engine and indicated that the main rotor gearbox was capable of providing drive from the No 2 engine power turbine to the main rotor and to the fenestron drive shaft.

* Once removed from the building, approximately 95 litres of fuel were drained from the fuel tank system.

* At 2220 hrs [minutes prior to impact] the weather at GIA [Glasgow International Airport, 4.5nm West of accident location] was CAVOK with the wind from 300° at 7 kt, temperature 5°C, dew point 2°C and the QNH was 1025 hPa.

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