Indonesian military develops underslung basket and platform

Indonesian military develops underslung basket and platform

9-Dec-2013 Source: TIN-AU

[Electronic translation] Research and Development Department of the Air Force (Dislitbangau) implementing static and dynamic test on the two prototypes airlift helicopter rides at air base Senjaya Atang Bogor, (5-6 / 12). Two prototypes were tested are AIRTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform) and Helly Basket (Basket Heli) the results of research and development Dislitbangau to answer the needs of the tactical transporter helicopter Puma / Super Puma Air Force special operations forces for the Air Force and SAR missions (Search And Rescue).

AIRTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform) is a vehicle similar to inverted umbrella frame with mesh fabric that can be folded like an umbrella with a diameter of 260 cm height 152 cm and weight 35 kg. This vehicle is designed is able to be hung below the helicopter with a load weighing 1,500 kg. This tool is useful to facilitate helicopter Puma / Super Puma Air Force to evacuate personnel or victims landed in difficult areas, mobilization of personnel and goods efficiently, safely and quickly, including for rescue operations or raids on all types of terrain including mountains, waters as well as in the roof of a tall building to narrow urban locations.

Helly Basket (Basket Heli) is a vehicle-shaped rectangular basket made of alluminium alloy weighing 180 kg with dimensions of 90 cm x 200 cm and height of 110-200 cm. This tool can be hung under or incorporated in a helicopter cabin Puma / Super Puma Air Force because of its height can be adjusted to only 120 cm. capable of carrying a load of 1500 kg. But for the sake of safety, only used for a load of 100 kg or 10 personnel. This media is beneficial to foster helicopter Puma / Super Puma Air Force evacuate personnel / victim landed in difficult areas, as well as the mobilization of personnel and goods efficiently, safely and quickly, both in mountainous areas, and urban waters.

Kol.Tek. M.Sardar Gafar, Kasubdispesbang Dislitbangau as chief executive explained that the activity test trials of two prototypes for a helicopter airlift vehicle was conducted over two days covering a two-stage test is a static test and dynamic test. Static test carried out in the Technical Squadron 024 hangar airfield Atang Senjaya, covering test dummy load weighing up to 1100 kg and climbed 10 personnel with rotated and driven to simulate motion while hanging on the helicopter.

Dynamic test is planned to be held on the second day of the dummy load weighing 850 kg and personnel load simulated by 5 people (400 kg). Dynamic test includes test insertion and removal of a vehicle while hanging below the helicopter including pilot takeoff and landings and hovering (floating in the air). Trial is expected to continue so that the two prototype tactical transport vehicle can be safely used in actual operations.

The presence of tactical transport vehicle is certainly going to increase the ability of the Air Force helicopter operations to support the typical forces the Air Force, both in combat operations or humanitarian assistance, especially Search and Rescue.

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