Rega and BOHAG open new base at Zweissimmen

Rega and BOHAG open new base at Zweissimmen

10-Dec-2013 Source: Rega

[electronic translation]  A year after the groundbreaking ceremony today was the opening of the new Rega base are celebrated in two Simmen. It acts with the new basis for a joint project of the Rega and the Bernese Oberland Helikopter AG (BOHAG). In the presence of application partners and guests from politics and industry Rega CEO Ernst Kohler and BOHAG Board President Hugo Schranz handed over the new base the use operation

With the opening of the new base of operations in Zweisimmen begins for the crew of Rega 14, the nickname of the helicopter from Zweisimmen, a new section. For the first time in its history, the Rega crew from Zweisimmen draws its own base. “It’s nice that we now have a modern infrastructure that enables us to make our daily life based on better and more efficiently,” said base leader Adrian von Siebenthal pleased.

For Rega CEO Ernst Kohler, the new building in Zweisimmen emphasizes in particular the commitment of the Rega to peripheral regions: “The Rega is committed to a charitable foundation for a nationwide air ambulance. Benefit especially outside the major economic centers preferred regions. “For the Rega included here primarily non-economic considerations, as Ernst Kohler, but it related to sensible investment for the best possible care for the population with rapid medical assistance from the air.

The municipality president of Zweisimmen, Christiane semolina, is pleased about the joint project: “Both organizations are deeply rooted in the region, the Rega base also makes an important contribution to the strengthening of emergency care in our region, we are proud and grateful that.. these two companies are native here in Zweisimmen. ”

In Zweisimmen Rega and BOHAG maintain for 26 years a partnership. At that time the BOHAG rented an Alouette III Rega for rescue flights. From 2009, the Rega this service again took over himself. As the base building at that time was an old, now demolished, military hangar. Last year – during the construction period for the new base – were housed in temporary helicopter crew and the Rega.

The new joint base was planned by the Rega in close cooperation with the responsible BOHAG and could be thanks to the great support of the community Zweisimmen implemented smoothly. The result is a project by Rega standard with double hangar, which enables the two organizations, independent in carrying out their activities from each other.

From the new hangar in Zweisimmen operates immediately the Swiss Helicopter AG with modern Ecureuil helicopters for transport requests in the western Bernese Oberland. The Swiss Helicopter AG has taken over the operations of BOHAG in 2012 as a result of a future-oriented realignment.

The use of activity Rega Zweisimmen is on 30 Added November and ends traditionally in the week after Easter. In the summer Rega is 14 as in recent years on nice weekends also ready for emergencies.


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