New flyGarmin Videos Demonstrate Aviation Database Updates

New flyGarmin Videos Demonstrate Aviation Database Updates

19-Dec-2013 Source: Garmin

This time of year often brings back fond memories of doing my aircraft preflight on an icy, snow-covered ramp. The winds were inevitably gusting to 20 knots, and in an attempt to sump 100LL from my Cessna 172, fuel sprayed all over my frozen hand. Why did I enjoy flying again?

If you’re like me and have a little time between snowstorms, it’s a great time to update the aviation databases in your aircraft so when the weather is VFR, you’re ready to fly! To help streamline your update experience, we’ve created six brand new videos, which walk you through the database update process specific to your avionics and flyGarmin – check them out below:

The Database Update for Portables video walks through the update process on an aera 796, but the process is virtually the same for all Garmin portables.

The Database Update for our GTN Series video offers a brief overview of the flyGarmin website and also demonstrates where to locate the system I.D. for the database update process.

Looking to install the ChartView unlock key so you may view Jeppesen approach plates on your G3X, GPSMAP 695/696, or aera 795/796? Check out our Installing ChartView Keyvideo for a step-by-step explanation on how to do this on your equipment. On certified avionics, ChartView must be unlocked by an authorized Garmin Dealer.

Forget which card to download the navigation database to? Walk through the G1000 Database Update process using this video, which also applies to the G1000H and G900X.

The Database Update for G500, G500H, and G600 walks through the update process on flyGarmin and details which database is downloaded to each card.

A video for our experimental crowd will take customers through the G3X Database Updateprocess.

Wintertime can occasionally bring flying to a halt for a day or two in some parts of the country so don’t let your databases expire! If it’s your first time performing a database update or you’re looking for a quick refresher, these videos will certainly serve as a helpful review.

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