Scotts Bell 47GT6 to feature FDC/aerofilter Inlet Barrier Filters

Scotts Bell 47GT6 to feature FDC/aerofilter Inlet Barrier Filters

22-Dec-2013 Source: Scott's - Bell 47

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. (SB47) have made agreement with FDC/aerofilter to be their supplier of Inlet Barrier Filters for their new, Rolls Royce RR300 turbine-powered, 47GT-6 helicopters. Launched earlier this year and forecast for 1st delivery mid-2016, the 47GT-6 will include the Inlet Barrier Filter as standard equipment.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with FDC/aerofilter for our Inlet Barrier Filter. FDC/aerofilter is world renowned for providing quality filtration systems.” stated Scott Churchill, President & CEO of SB47.

“Operators of the model 47 often work in harsh environments, especially those in the Ag business, and that will be the same with the 47GT-6. The FDC/Aerofilter inlet barrier filter will maximize engine life and reliability; a safety improvement that comes with reduced maintenance cost.”

Neil Marshall, SB47 COO stated “We are very excited to be working with FDC/aerofilter on the GT-6 program. The 47GT-6 is going to be a world-class light utility helicopter, and we will achieve that by partnering with world class suppliers. FDC/aerofilter will be delivering flight test units mid-2014 and after completion of development & certification flight test, production deliveries are expected to start late 2015 in readiness for the 1st 47GT-6 delivery mid-2016.”

About Scott’s – Bell 47 Inc.

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc., under the private ownership of Scott Churchill, is a sister company to Scott’s Helicopter Services Inc., one of the largest fleet operators of Bell 47 helicopters in the world, and Texas Helicopter Co., Inc., manufacturer of the WASP helicopter and an FAA-PMA parts supplier & STC holder for the Model 47. SB47 is the Type Certificate holder for all FAA type certificated Model 47 helicopters. They currently provide OEM level customer support & services to the fielded fleet and have announced they will manufacture the 47GT-6 helicopter starting in 2016 . Press

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