INAER to provide AW139 to support Gaviota platform Enagas

INAER to provide AW139 to support Gaviota platform Enagas

30-Jan-2014 Source: INAER Spain

INAER Spain (INAER), a leading provider of aerial emergency services, has been awarded a one-year contract to transport personnel, goods and supplies to the Gaviota underground gas storage platform, operated by Enagás. The company will operate an Agusta Westland AW139 helicopter, which can accommodate 15 passengers, and will schedule flights for crew changes on the platform, which is located 8km from the Cabo Matxitxako in Bermeo.

The Gaviota underground storage platform is a strategic natural gas reserve capable of holding more than 9.8 million cubic metres of gas and helps meet Spain’s energy requirements. “We are very pleased to be working with Enagás, who play an important role in the Spanish energy sector” said Manuel López Aguilar, CEO of INAER. “This new contract perfectly complements our extensive experience providing services to the oil and gas industry.”
INAER has been providing support services to the energy industry since 1972, making it one of the most experienced companies in Spain in this type of operation. Companies such as Repsol YPF and Escal UGS have entrusted the transport of passengers, supplies and materials to INAER, an international operator which meets all HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and QA (Quality Assurance) standards. In 2012 alone, INAER helicopters transported 9,952 passengers.
About INAER (
INAER is Spain’s leading provider of aerial emergency services and aircraft maintenance, specialising in mission critical operations such as air ambulance services, civil defence, mountain and sea search and rescue, coastal and fishing surveillance, firefighting, training and aircraft maintenance.
INAER is part of the Avincis Group, the world’s leading provider of emergency aerial services. The primary mission of the group is to save lives, protect the environment and provide safe aerial transport of people and valuable goods. Avincis’ various operating companies manage a fleet of approximately 350 aircraft throughout Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Norway, Australia, Chile, Peru, Ireland and the UK.
In 2012, Avincis completed 108,500 flight hours, carried out 50,600 medical emergency missions attended 7,800 forest fires, rescued 8,600 people and transported 175,900 oil and gas workers.

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