Register Update – United Kingdom – January 2014

Register Update – United Kingdom – January 2014

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.




G-CICJ S92A (920212) Bristow Helicopters, Aberdeen
G-FVIP AW109E (11011) Castle Air, Liskeard – [re-registered ex G-HCFC]
G-KAXW Scout AH.1 (F9740) Orion Enterprises, North Weald [re-registered ex G-BXRR]
G-OAUD R44 (1467) Audrey Giles, Fairoaks [re-registered ex G-CDHV]
G-PNTB EC135T2+ (0762) Abbey International Finance Ltd, Oxford ex I-PNTB
G-PNTC EC135T2+ (0810) Abbey International Finance Ltd, Oxford ex I-PNTC


G-BXRR Scout AH.1 (F9740) to G-KAXW
G-CDHV R44 (1467) to G-OAUD
G-CDTD AS350B2 (9072) to Germany
G-CRDY AB206A (8112) to France
G-HCFC AW109E (11011) to G-FVIP
G-HRBS R22B (3537) Destroyed
G-JCBJ S76B (760502) to USA
G-KUKI R22B (1802) to Italy
G-OMLS B206B (1957) to USA
G-PNTC EC135T2+ (0810) to France
G-XJCB S76C++ (760616) to Isle of Man
G-ZAPH B206B (4401) to Czech Republic


G-BEYA F280C (1104) W G E James, Swansea
G-BMTC AS355F2 (5302) RCR Aviation Ltd, Somerset
G-BONG F28A (154) G E Heritage, Corley
G-CICJ S92A (920212) BGI Aviation Services UK LP, Aberdeen
G-CMXX R44 (10661) C R W Nelson, Enniskillen
G-EOJB R44 (10480) Difuria Contractors Ltd, Doncaster
G-HKHM H500D (71-1019D) HQ Aviation, Denham
G-IBIG B206B (2202) D W Bevan, Dover
G-IMMY R44 (1890) Eurotech, Caiolo, Italy
G-LAWX S92A (920007) Starspeed, Fairoaks
G-OKEY R22B (2004) HQ Aviation, Denham
G-OLCP AS355N (5580) Cheshire Helicopters Ltd, Mobberley
G-PLPL AW109E (11168) Castle Air, Liskeard
G-SLNW R22B (3524) Commission Air, Peterborough
G-TOPS AS355F2 (5151) RCR Aviation Ltd, Somerset
G-WELY AW109E (11710) Sloane Helicopters, Sywell

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