Soloy presents the Electronic Engine Management System for AS350 SD2

Soloy presents the Electronic Engine Management System for AS350 SD2

3-Feb-2014 Source: Soloy

Soloy Aviation Solutions presents the Electronic Engine Management System (EEMS) that provides a graphical representation of all engine instrumentation and is designed to act as the primary engine instrumentation for SD2 aircraft.

The EEMS unit has been configured properly to reflect instrumentation scales, exceedance limitations and warnings. Once configured to the owner’s individual airframe and engine combination, the EEMS will provide the most advanced monitoring available.

The Electronic Engine Management System contains two separate displays – the upper Primary Display (LCD #1) and the lower Secondary Display (LCD #2).
The EEMS display unit has two separate vertically arranged electronic LCD screens – the upper is considered the Primary Display and the lower one is the Secondary Display. These LCD screens are electronically and physically separated to achieve a redundant system.

In addition to providing graphic representation of engine instrumentation, the EEMS provides several diagnostic data: engine starts and time, aircraft time, airframe total hours and revenue hours, peak operating exceedance value, and cycle counting for the gas producer components and the power turbine rotor.

The EEMS further provides recorded engine data on a per flight basis which can be downloaded from the unit to be reviewed on a computer. Should one of the displays cease communication, the other display will automatically initiate reversionary mode operation. The reversionary mode displays all the information from both LCD#1 and LCD#2 main screens in a concise format of smaller graphics and numerous digital graphics.

“Operators will find it easier to keep track of a lot of information in one display setting,” added Nick Parkinson, Soloy’s head of Helicopter Sales. For additional information, pricing and availability contact Nick at or call 360-754-7000.

Soloy Aviation Solutions

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