Burbank signs off joint MD520N purchase for Police

Burbank signs off joint MD520N purchase for Police

6-Feb-2014 Source: HeliHub.com

Four months after partner city Glendale signed it off, the City of Burbank Council last week confirmed their part of it as well. The proposal to Glendale Council had quoted a total cost of $2,712,980 while the equivalent paperwork from Burbank refers to $2,623,055 – for completeness, these figures need 9% sales tax added.   The quoted figure for the total cost has come down due to a “MD520N Tailboom credit” of $89,925 according to the revised proposal from MD Helicopters in December.  [As an aside, interesting that MD down-quoted after one party agreed to the purchase].  The aircraft is scheduled for delivery in June 2014

Burbank and Glendale have worked together for many years, and currently operate three MD520N helicopters. Part of the agreement of the new aircraft acquisition is the sale of the oldest of the current three aircraft – N272BP, serial LN040, with proceeds in the range of $450,000 to $550,000 expected. The target on the acquisition of each helicopter is an operational life in this role of 20 years or 15,000 airframe hours.

The new helicopter includes the following options – Wire strike system (cost $29,401), Aux fuel tank ($25,387), Garmin G500H EFIS ($54,249), provisions for FLIR 8000 ($32,121), provisions for BMS downlink ($22,186), provisions fro SX-16 Nightsun ($20,443), provisions for AeroComputer mapping system ($20,516), AirComm audio system ($29,219).  The total options supplied by MD Helicopters come to $437,980.  It does not include the SX-16 NightSun or FLIR 8000 etc hardware, and we assume that these will be transferred from the disposed aircraft, or procured separately.

Jeremy Parkin – HeliHub.com

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