Spain – 50 medics on HEMS Medical Staff Qualification course

Spain – 50 medics on HEMS Medical Staff Qualification course

21-Feb-2014 Source: INAER Spain

More than 50 doctors and nurses from all over Spain will gather for the “HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) Medical Staff Qualification” course, organised by INAER in collaboration with the University of Alicante. The course, which will take place from the 20th – 23rd February, is designed to train medical professionals for emergencies which involve a helicopter.

An emergency mission could take the form of a call-out to an accident, a rescue or a patient transfer, and response time and coordination are essential to its success. HEMS aircraft are aerial ICUs with a responsiveness and mobility which allows them to quickly reach locations which are inaccessible to others. In 2013 alone, INAER carried out nearly 9,000 emergency missions.
The medical crew play a central role in these air ambulance missions and must operate in a very different environment to what they are used to: limited cabin space, higher atmospheric pressure, altitude and speed are all variables that can affect the patient’s condition. In order to prepare medics for these conditions, INAER has joined forces with the Health Sciences department from the University of Alicante to hold the 10th University Course Qualification for HEMS Medical Staff.
At the event, held at INAER’s facilities in Alicante and Albacete, over 50 medical professionals (doctors and nursing graduates) will learn the fundamental aspects of missions, including types of helicopter, flight phases and the rules around performing certain procedures in flight, such as ultrasound or defibrillation. They will also learn how to deal with patients with certain conditions, including distressed pregnant women, infants or patients with multiple trauma. During the 10 editions of the course, more than 530 medical staff have been trained to develop their work with emergency helicopters. Some professionals have even come from Chile, Mexico and Andorra.
About INAER Spain (
INAER is Spain’s leading provider of aerial emergency services and aircraft maintenance, specialising in mission critical operations such as medical emergencies, civil defence, sea and mountain search and rescue, coastal and fishing surveillance, firefighting, training and maintenance.
INAER is part of the Avincis Group, the world’s leading provider of aerial emergency services. The group’s primary missions are to save lives, protect the environment and provide safe aerial transport for people and high value goods. The Avincis Groups’s different operating companies manage a fleet of approximately 350 aircraft in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Chile, Peru and the United Kingdom.
In 2012, Avincis completed 108,500 flight hours, carried out 50,600 emergency medical missions, attended 7,800 forest fires, rescued a total of 8,600 people and transported 175,900 energy industry staff.

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