HeliHub.com produces list of helicopters at Heli-Expo 2014

HeliHub.com produces list of helicopters at Heli-Expo 2014

23-Feb-2014 Source: HeliHub.com

The HeliHub.com team have produced the following list of the helicopters at the Heli-Expo 2014 convention in Anaheim, California.  This is a “work in progress” story, which we will update regularly, so please check back if there is a detail here currently incomplete.  As news stories emerge relating to particular aircraft, we will annotate the story next to the relevant aircraft.

If you have any updates to this list, please email the HeliHub.com team at news@helihub.com


I-AWTA SW4 (600404)
?????? AW109 Trekker (?) with skids – maybe msn 11055 but needs confirming
N808FG AW139 (31383) Era Helicopters
I-AWCG AW169 (69004)
I-AWTH AW189 (49006) Era Helicopters – flying (at Anaheim Stadium)
????? AW189 (49009) Era Helicopters
-noreg- AW609 mockup
N609TR AW609 (60001) at Long Beach Airport doing demo flights

Airbus Helicopters

F-WWOV AS332C1e (2864) First AS332C1e for Starlite Aviation
N250KS SA341F (1598)
N341SH SA341F (1594) still in Armee de Terre colours
N350ET AS350B2 (3068) South Coast Helicopters on Pall Aerospace stand
N350ST AS350SD2 (2789) Soloy
N351CH AS350B3 (3537) Classic Helicopters – photo
N425U AS350BA (2422)
N326PD AS350B2 (4555) Anaheim Police
?????? AS350 (?) (green with gold stripes)
N253WC AS355F2 (5206)
N120CH EC120B (1544) Huskers titles – photos
N208SH EC130T2 (7644) Sundance Helicopters (fleet number 55) – photo
N130CS EC130T2 (7660) Indiana Helicopters
N822PP EC135T2+ (0823) Massachusetts State Police
N837CS EC135P2+ (1113) CALSTAR – photo
D-HADW EC145T2 (20002)
-noreg- EC175 mockup
N154EH Bo105 (S-704) Red Bull

Bell Helicopter

N8585F B47J2A (3725)
?????? B47GT6 (?)
N218GH B206B (3470)
N58145 B206B (1170) – Van Horn booth
N777CX B206B (4264)
N206GH B206L (52112) – photo
N48EA B206L3 (51438)
N214B B214B1 (28039)
N222EX B222 (47043) – photo
N96GU B407 (54399) flown in by Harrison Ford
N711BE B407 (54394)
N450AM B407 (54435) Air Methods
N407LE B407 (53391)
C-GXXH B407 (53197) Eagle 407 red
N429BH B429 (57005)
C-GVZG B429WLG (57150)
-noreg- Bell 505 JetRanger X – white
-noreg- Bell 505 JetRanger X – red
-noreg- Bell 505 JetRanger X – blue
-noreg- Bell 525 mockup expected
15946 AH-1 (?)
FAD3032 UH-1 II (12615) Dominican Air Force (exhibited by Northwest Helicopters)


-noreg- Enstrom TH-180 mockup (see story)
N282SH F280FX (2105)
N54FS 480B (5089)


“NG2PH” G2 Cabri (1062) – false registration carried, msn is confirmed


HB-ZXA Marenco SKYe SH09 (01)

MD Helicopters

N500MV MD500D (77-0156D) Aerometals
N92BK MD500E (0572E)
N369FF MD530G (0709FF) New model launched at show – see press release
N416M MD600N (RN043)
N902TX MD902 (900-00092) Air Rescue Systems (see HeliHub.com story) – photo


N7166G R22B (4591)
N200UH R22B (4634) Universal Helicopters
N7166H R44 II (13415)
N7073T R44 II (13498) Newscopter
N7087U R66 (0293) flown in with test reg N7166C
N951PD R66 (0233) Police role

Sikorsky (inc. Schweizer)

C-GEOU S76C (760476)
N720BG S76D (761013) Bristow – photo
-noreg- S97 Raider – mockup
N74817/130122 HOS5 (130122)
N1831A S300CBi (0228)

If you have any updates to this list, please email the HeliHub.com team at news@helihub.com  Many thanks

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