Universal Avionics sees increased interest from Super Puma offshore operators

Universal Avionics sees increased interest from Super Puma offshore operators

24-Feb-2014 Source: Universal Avionics

Requests for Flight Management Systems (FMS) with mission support have increased in 2013, most notably among offshore and SAR operators of Airbus Helicopters’ AS332L and AS332L1 Super Puma models. Universal Avionics’ Multi-Mission Management System (MMMS) is the company’s flagship Special Mission FMS for installation in these helicopter models.

On the forefront is Authorized Dealer, Heli-One Canada Inc., performing turn-key modifications for the Super Puma, integrating Universal’s UNS-1Fw MMMS and LP/LPV Monitor under STC approval. Operators interested in learning more about the Super Puma retrofit program will have the opportunity to do so at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo in Anaheim, California, February 25-27.
“These modifications were recently installed and are now operational on three CHC aircraft configured for offshore operations,” said Alan Stewart, Senior Manager, Design Engineering for Heli-One. “They provide unprecedented operational capabilities and deliver outstanding value to operators who need cutting-edge modifications and upgrades to support a wide range of critical missions,” he added.

“We are seeing more MMMS interest from offshore operators, often where they need to introduce one or more standby SAR machines” said Norm Matheis, Universal Avionics’ Regional Sales Manager for Canada. “These operators love Universal Avionics’ MMMS,” he added. “Canned search patterns can be programmed, freeing the flight crew to concentrate on sighting the search object. You can’t have too many pairs of eyes looking outside when it comes to SAR.”

The Airbus Helicopters’ Super Puma operates in civil, military and parapublic roles worldwide, ranging from offshore oil and gas transportation and cargo airlift in austere environments, to SAR. For these operations, a modern FMS is a must, reducing pilot workload, improving situational awareness and helping to cope with emergencies. For flights in controlled civilian airspace, there are minimum requirements that some Super Pumas can no longer meet. Offshore operations may require embedded FMS search patterns optimized for SAR. For the SAR mission, burning minimum fuel and spending less time lining up for the next search leg are critical.

Universal Avionics’ MMMS is SBAS, European P-RNAV and RNAV (GNSS) LPV-capable, and is enhanced with a unique fuel management function. It has been enhanced to allow higher than standard rate turns, up to the configured bank angle, and course reversal guidance that prioritizes minimum time in the turn and always turning toward the next search pattern leg. In addition, retrofitting with Universal Avionics’ MMMS addresses challenges Super Puma operators face with database support for certain RNAV systems installed in the type, as well as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) emerging requirements.

To learn more about Universal Avionics’ helicopter solutions, visit the company’s booth 4702 at the 2014 HAI Heli-Expo. In addition, Heli-One is available in booth 1804 for inquiries into their Super Puma retrofit program.

Universal Avionics is a leading manufacturer of innovative avionics systems for business jets, turboprop aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, regional and commercial airliners used by corporate, military and airline operators. The company offers advanced avionics as a retrofit and forward-fit solution for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry. As an organization, Universal Avionics is registered in the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) as compliant to the standards of the internationally accepted Quality Management System model, AS9100. To learn more about Universal Avionics, visit www.uasc.com/company/about.aspx.

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