US Army National Guard Units Make First HeliWagon Purchases

US Army National Guard Units Make First HeliWagon Purchases

25-Feb-2014 Source: HeliWagon

HeliWagonTM announced this week that the company has delivered new HeliWagon mobile landing dollies to the New Jersey National Guard and the Maryland National Guard. New Jersey accepted delivery of four units and Maryland accepted delivery of their first HeliWagon.

“We saw the Heliwagon demonstrated and it had all of the capabilities we were looking for,” said New Jersey Army National Guard CW4 Eugene Vandergrift. “We operate EC 145 Lakotas.  The Heliwagon allowed us the capability of moving our aircraft without potentially damaging them with other tug devices.  We liked that it was a self-powered device that did not require additional tools or apparatus to move the aircraft.”

These are the first two National Guard units in the country to receive HeliWagons according to President of HeliWagon, Brad Seibold.  Both units purchased 14X16 HeliWagons with lights and custom logos.  All HeliWagons are equipped with wireless remote controls that enable 360 degree walk around visibility, onboard charger, commercial grade batteries and powder coated frames for durability.

“The National Guard has a storied history of serving and protecting our nation,” said Seibold. “We are honored that the National Guard selected our HeliWagons to serve their units.  In times of tragedy, peril, and national emergencies, the National Guard is always quickly responding to the needs of the nation.  We are Confident the HeliWagons will help both the New Jersey and Maryland National Guard units better serve their citizens by allowing them to transport their helicopters more quickly and safely out of their hangars to get them on their mission.”

The HeliWagon is the Ultimate Remote Controlled Helicopter Landing Dolly that couples efficiency with technology to produce the most innovative helicopter transport system on the market. The HeliWagon has industrial grade casters and drive wheels designed to comfortably traverse minor changes in grade and clear low obstacles.

The powertrain is powered by proven components in the electric vehicle industry and high-grade fasteners are engineered to exceed the stresses applied to the chassis from less than “Gentle” landings.  The industrial gear reducer and electric motor combination eliminates forward movement without power. Commercial grade batteries provide over four hours of continuous run time under load and the automatic onboard charger will charge the battery bank and shut off when complete.

The remote controlled HeliWagon enables pilots or ground crew to have 360 degree walk around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement on the ground. Recessed lighting provides a safe landing in low light situations and the landing lights are easily controlled from the remote. HeliWagons are available in five different sizes to accommodate various aircraft.

The Heliwagon will change the way you move your helicopter.

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