Garmin details Heli-Expo booth display

Garmin details Heli-Expo booth display

26-Feb-2014 Source: Garmin

We’ve had enough of the cold Kansas City weather so we’re heading to California this week! If you’re planning to see what the World’s largest helicopter trade show of the year has to offer, don’t forget to come by and say ‘Hi!’ to Garmin and see what we helicopter solutions we have to offer.


Designed to fit neatly into any panel with limited space, the G500H offers dual LCD screens with the Primary Flight Display (PFD) situated on the right and Multi-Function Display (MFD) on the left. The PFD offers instrumentation information, including speed, altitude, vertical rate, altitude, and GPS information. The MFD displays moving-map graphics and offers geo-referenced FliteCharts and SafeTaxi, aiding with situational awareness.

Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology (HSVT)

Garmin uses sophisticated computer graphics modeling as an optional upgrade to the G500H to enhance visual orientation. HSVT recreates a virtual topographic landscape utilizing the terrain database in the G500H and offers helicopter pilots a visual representation of topography, water features and obstacles on their Primary Flight Display (PFD).

Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)

Available on our GNS and GTN navigators, HTAWS continuously works in the background to monitor terrain and obstacles in the vicinity of your helicopter. If needed, these alerts display on the GNS, GTN, on the PFD of the G500H, or remote annunciator. A pilot selectable configuration enables voice callouts while HTAWS offers 5-color terrain and obstacle shading on the appropriate display, enhancing overall situational awareness.


Our GTN series touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm avionics are designed to withstand and meet the stringent helicopter vibration and temperature testing standards. The GTN series for helicopters offers three helicopter-specific databases including:

  • Obstacles, which adds 30,000 low altitude obstacles
  • Terrain, which features a level of resolution that’s among the highest in the industry
  • Helicopter Navigation database with 7,000 additional heliports

Plus, optionally incorporating HTAWS provides helicopter operators with both visual and audible alerts of potential terrain or obstacle conflicts. Just several months ago, Garmin also obtained an AML STC for Part 27 rotorcraft for the installation of the GTN 650/750 and GMA 35 remote audio panel. Be sure to check out the AML STC to see if your helicopter is covered or swing by our booth for more details!

Those are just a few helicopter solutions and features we have to offer, check them out in action in our Garmin Helicopter Solutions video or visit Garmin at Heli-Expo today at booth #2427!

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