Indra working on EC175 simulator for Airbus Helicopters at Marignane

Indra working on EC175 simulator for Airbus Helicopters at Marignane

28-Feb-2014 Source: Indra

Pilot training with the first Level D full-flight simulator for Airbus Helicopters’ new EC175 rotorcraft will be available from this summer, using an Indra-built system located at the Airbus Helicopters Training Services facility in Marignane, France.

Its near-term availability, announced today at the Heli-Expo 2014 convention in Anaheim, California, will enable pilot training to begin ahead of the first EC175 customer deliveries later in 2014. This motion-based full-flight simulator incorporates a state-of-the-art visual projection system with a 210 deg. by 80 deg. continuous field of view to recreate the most realistic flight conditions for immersive training.

Development of the simulator has been a collaborative effort. Indra experts worked closely with their Airbus Helicopters counterparts to develop the simulator in parallel with the aircraft’s development. Thereby the simulator data package by Airbus Helicopters ensures that the flight model and all aircraft systems of the simulator are emulated fully identical with the real aircraft.

“Pilots will be able to practice all required operational tasks and procedures in normal and emergency situations, both flight and mission related,” said Indra Vice President Carlos Suárez “. Developing this project represents a good opportunity for Indra, as we look forward for a bright future for the EC-175, with growing sales worldwide.”

In addition to the Level D full-flight simulator, a flight navigation procedure training (FNPT) also built by Indra will be installed at the Airbus Helicopters Training Services center in Marignane.  This provides valuable pilot training opportunities on a fixed-base system that is complementary to the full-flight simulator.

“Our significant investment in these training tools underscores Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to a high level of service and support for EC175 users,” said Airbus Helicopters President Guillaume Faury.  “By offering quality training, operators of this new-generation helicopter will be able to fly safely and efficiently – fully benefitting from the EC175’s modern systems and avionics.”

The EC175 was developed in close consultation with operators, creating a medium twin-engine helicopter suited for a wide range of missions, including offshore crew transport, search and rescue, private transport, utility and medical evacuation operations. It features Airbus Helicopters’ new Helionix® avionics suite and a digital 4-axis autopilot, providing increased safety through reduced pilot workload, enhanced situational awareness, improved flight envelope protection and system redundancy.

Certification of the EC175 was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in January, clearing the way for Airbus Helicopters’ deliveries to the initial customers later this year.


About Indra

Indra is the leading Spanish multinational consulting and technology firm and one of the main players in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business and sustainability. The company has allocated more than €550 million to R&D&i in the last three years, making it one of the top companies in Europe in its sector in terms of investment. With sales approaching €3,000 million, nearly 60% of its income is from the international market. The company employs 42,000 professionals and has customers in 128 countries.

About Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters, formerly Eurocopter, is a division of Airbus Group, a global pioneer in aerospace and defense related services. Airbus Helicopters is the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer and employs more than 23,000 people worldwide. With 46 percent market share in civil and parapublic sectors, the company’s fleet in service includes some 12,000 helicopters operated by more than 3,000 customers in approximately 150 countries. Airbus Helicopters’ international presence is marked by its subsidiaries and participations in 21 countries, and its worldwide network of service centers, training facilities, distributors and certified agents. Airbus Helicopters’ range of civil and military helicopters is the world’s largest; its aircraft account for one third of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. The company’s chief priority is to ensure the safe operation of its aircraft for the thousands of people who fly more than 3 million hours per year.

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