Aspen announces Free Synthetic Vision Trial of new EFD1000 Pro Primary Flight Display

Aspen announces Free Synthetic Vision Trial of new EFD1000 Pro Primary Flight Display 13 Mar, 14, Source: Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics, manufacturer of the innovative Evolution Flight Display system, announced today that all new Aspen EFD1000 PFD purchasers will have the opportunity to use Aspen’s Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) for free during their first 10-inflight PFD hours.

“We think aircraft owners will appreciate test flying Aspen’s Evolution ESV prior to purchasing it,” said Mark Ferrari, vice president sales and customer support, Aspen Avionics. “Once they experience the enhanced situational awareness ESV provides, we believe aircraft owners will want to keep it.”

ESV is an optional software upgrade to the Evolution Flight Display System and presents a real-time, computer-generated, three-dimensional view of terrain, obstacles, and traffic. The synthetic terrain rendering on the PFD simulates the view from the cockpit on a bright day, so it’s especially helpful in providing enhanced situational awareness when flying during conditions of reduced visibility.

ESV comes standard with an integrated terrain warning system that combines terrain and flight path marker coloring, caution and warning test, and an audio warning alert when terrain or obstacle collision is imminent.

Once flight hours exceed 10 hours of usage, the next time the unit is powered on the ESV will self-disable. To reinstate ESV, the option must be purchased. Pricing for the ESV option is for the EFD1000 Pro is $2995. More information about Aspen’s Evolution Synthetic Vision can be found here.

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