Spain – AESA reiterates ban on Unmanned Aircraft

Spain – AESA reiterates ban on Unmanned Aircraft 10 Apr, 14, Source:

Spanish safety agency AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aerea) has issued a notice in local language which clearly states that unmanned aircraft for civilian use are banned in Spanish airspace.  Military UAVs are exempt, but only in nominated segregated airspace.

In particular, AESA notes “It is not permitted, and never has been, to use remotely-piloted commercial aircraft for activities considered aerial work, such as photogrammetry , smart agriculture ( detected on a farm those specific plants that need of an intervention, such as irrigation , fumigation, to optimize crop) , photo essays of all types , inspection of power lines , railways , border surveillance, forest fire detection , recognition of places affected by natural disasters to direct adequately support, etc.”

The notice provides further details.

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