Helibras delivers 10th and 11th EC725s

Helibras delivers 10th and 11th EC725s

25-Apr-2014 Source: Helibras

Helibras has just delivered two EC725 helicopters, meeting deadlines and criteria for nationalization stipulated by the contract signed between the company and the Ministry of Defence in 2008, which established the supply of 50 aircraft of this model to the Brazilian Armed Forces.

The 10th unit is allocated to the FAB, who has now five of these aircraft. It is the first aircraft delivered in the Basic version for this contract and has new components that have been integrated programs developed by the Engineering Center Helibrás, in Brazil, for example, the SAR autopilot button and a back command to the equipment operator. The completion of the first basic version represents another step Helibrás fulfilled by the absorption of local content in manufacturing of EC725 process.

The 11th unit joined the Army three EC725 fleet. Both aircraft were completely throughout the production line at the company’s factory in Itajubá (MG), Brazil since receiving the most basic items, such as pre-crew until all the configuration and final finish. Before delivery, the helicopters also performed on the track of company flight tests, with a team of Brazilian pilots, and went through the paint booth, specially built by Helibras to hold the large helicopter being produced in the country.

The other nine units previously delivered by Helibrás the Armed Forces have completed over 4370 hours of operation. The EC725 is able to develop a series of activities according to the needs of corporations in missions as troop transport, search, SAR (search and rescue) alerts and patrolling.

About Helibrás

Helibras is the only Brazilian manufacturer of helicopters and completed in 2014, 36 years of activities. Since its founding in 1978, the company has delivered more than 750 helicopters in Brazil, 70% of the Squirrel model, manufactured in Itajubá (MG). In 2012, began producing the EC725 (military) model, having built a new assembly line and expanded all its facilities for this new program. Helibras Helicopters is a subsidiary of Airbus, which belongs to the Airbus Group, a world pioneer in aerospace and defense-related services. With 47% share in the Brazilian fleet of turbine helicopters, Helibras is the market leader and maintains facilities in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Its factory, which employs more than 850 professionals and has a production capacity of 36 aircraft per year, produces and customizes various models that meet the civilian government and military segments. In 2012, the company reported total sales of $ 351,586,000. More information: www.helibras.com.br

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