Telephonics presents VisionEdge™ Degraded Visual Environment Technology at Quad-A

Telephonics presents VisionEdge™ Degraded Visual Environment Technology at Quad-A

7-May-2014 Source: Telephonics

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF), presented its VisionEdge™ Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) sensor solution today at the 2014 Army Aviation Association of America’s (AAAA) Annual Meeting and Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. VisionEdge addresses the life threatening challenges associated with degraded visual environment situations, enhancing the military aviator’s ability to maneuver through adverse weather conditions, hard-to-detect wires, and other flight path obstacles.

VisionEdge is a millimeter wave radar sensor that provides a constant, real-time image of the aircraft’s forward viewing area via a 3D visual display. With no moving parts, the small size, lightweight and low power consumption of VisionEdge enhances overall system reliability and easily integrates with a wide variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft platforms. Telephonics’ advanced Spatial Audio Positioning technology, when combined with VisionEdge, offers an added capability that provides aural cues and warnings directly to the pilot, heightening situational awareness.

VisionEdge is a commercial Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution already in development at Telephonics, which can be leveraged by the U.S. Military, providing fiscal benefits in this constrained budgetary environment.

“Throughout my 20-year tenure as a military pilot, I frequently flew through dangerous weather conditions and other flight path obstacles that made it particularly difficult to complete missions effectively,” said Telephonics’ team member, retired Lt. Col. Jack Sullivan. “VisionEdge will alleviate the vast majority of those problems.”

Sharing in Mr. Sullivan’s enthusiasm, Telephonics’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph J. Battaglia stated, “For decades, degraded visual environment-related conditions have caused significant loss to life and property in the military aviation community. Telephonics is proud to be developing this vital technology for the men and women who risk their lives during flight operations, enabling them to fly with greater confidence and focus on the critical missions at hand.”

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