Oil & Gas UK applauds CAA safety review announcement

Oil & Gas UK applauds CAA safety review announcement

8-May-2014 Source: Oil & Gas UK

In response to the annoucement from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today, Oil & Gas UK chief executive, Malcolm Webb, said:

“The CAA consultation with industry has been highly constructive, prompting and accelerating the introduction of breakthrough lifesaving equipment over a year ahead of CAA proposed action A10 (CAP1145) – a real milestone for safety in the North Sea. Additionally, the new equipment comes with a significantly improved lifejacket for all passengers, more good news for offshore safety.

“By adjusting the timescale for limiting helicopter seating capacity to better align with the availability of Category A Emergency Breathing Systems, the CAA has facilitated the work of the fast-approaching annual turnaround season, when safety critical maintenance is carried out during the summer months.

“Our discussions with CAA are a safety success story for the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). All of the many risk drivers have been considered and balanced in such a way that these are effectively managed in the best interest of safety offshore. We will continue to work collaboratively with the CAA on the introduction of the other recommendations and actions in the safety review.

“Oil & Gas UK also warmly welcomes the news that the redesigned gear shaft for EC225 helicopters has been certified, and will now be introduced as soon as possible. This is another significant step forward for safety.

“Finally, I wish to repeat that Oil & Gas UK applauds the CAA’s safety review CAP1145, which we believe will further improve the safety of helicopter operations in the North Sea.”

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