Helivia partners with C-Fly to shuttle VIPs during 2014 World Cup

Helivia partners with C-Fly to shuttle VIPs during 2014 World Cup 22 May, 14, Source: Helivia Aero Taxi

Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that it will be the sole provider supporting C-Fly and Jet Aviation with VIP helicopter shuttle service to and from Galeão, Rio de Janeiro’s, International Airport during the 2014 World Cupwhich takes place June 12 – July 13, 2014 in 12 cities across Brazil.

C-Fly has obtained the exclusive rights to implement and coordinate an ‘open hangar’ operation, similar to other major international sporting events worldwide. With very few slots available in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão will act as the staging ground to support other nearby cities for most of this business jet activity arriving for the World Cup.

“There is room for approximately 300 business jets on part of the apron at Galeão Airport,” said Chief Executive Officer of C-Fly Francisco Lyra. “Although the opening game is in São Paulo it can be easily serviced by Helivia’s helicopter shuttle service.”

In partnership with C-Fly, Helivia Aero Taxi will provide VIP shuttle service utilizing its Sikorsky 76C+ aircraft configured with 6, 8 and 12 seats to transport VIPs to and from Galeão.

“I see this type of service providing a much needed secure alternative to ground transportation,” said President of Greenwich AeroGroup Brasil John Fenton.  “It will be an unprecedented hectic period before, during and after the games.”

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