Register Update – Canada – May 2014

Register Update – Canada – May 2014

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.



Our coverage of Canada currently features those helicopters imported to and exported from the country.

Aircraft imported to Canada

Helicopters with no prior registration quoted were manufactured in the country they are from, and did not take up a full registration prior to import. Destination C- Canadian registration is shown for each helicopter where known.

AS350B3 7645 N561AE from USA as C-GRHX
AS355NP 5806 from France
AW109SP 22298 N602SM from USA as C-GVAM
B205A-1 30256 D-HAFO from USA as C-GZGK
EC130B4 4211 EC-KDL from Spain
MD369E 0532E N9204Y from USA as C-FSVH
S61N 61777 G-BFFJ from UK
S92A 920216 N216Y from USA as C-FBXY
UH-12C 817 N57FD from USA


Aircraft exported from Canada

Helicopters with no Canadian registration quoted were manufactured in Canada and did not take up a full registration prior to export. Destination country is shown for each helicopter, together with its new registration in that country where known.

C-GSFY AS350B3 3204 to USA as N324LF
C-GNDG AW139 31072 to Tanzania
C-**** B206L4 52463 to USA as N417AE
C-GUBU B407 53301 to USA as N409PJ
C-GYXA B407 54152 to USA as N506FD
C-GZDI B407 54153 to USA as N506EB
C-GUVQ B407 54359 to China
C-GUWC B407 54360 to China
C-FCTK B407 54502 to USA as N515XB
C-FCPQ B407 54503 to USA as N516XB
C-**** B407 54506 to USA as N512DJ
C-**** B407 54509 to USA as N511XA
C-**** B407 54510 to USA as N511UB
C-**** B407 54511 to USA as N722MT
C-**** B407 54512 to USA (reserved as N511ZA)
C-FCTD B412EP 36668 to USA as N515WS
C-FCVJ B412EP 36669 to USA
C-**** B412EP 36670 to USA as N510ZP
C-**** B412EP 36671 to USA as N510YB
C-**** B412EP 36672 to USA as N446BH
C-GYKT B429 57178 to USA as N512UT
C-GYNQ B429 57179 to Malaysia
C-GZIY B429 57188 to USA as N918PD
C-FXSH EC130B4 4968 to USA as N312CH
C-FGZR R44 2034 to USA
C-GZNR Rotorway Exec A102 to USA
C-GHRE S76C 760575 to Nigeria

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