Helibrás offer special support for 55 Army helicopters during World Cup

Helibrás offer special support for 55 Army helicopters during World Cup

8-Jun-2014 Source: Helibras

[Electronic translation] Helibras, the only helicopter manufacturer in Brazil, will support the full operation of 55 aircraft Helibrás / Airbus Helicopters chosen by the Brazilian Army to fulfill the patrol missions during the FIFA World Cup, which begins in the country on 12 June. Already underway Special support provided by the companies Helibrás / Airbus Helicopters Force, which operates four different models of helicopters manufactured, and will be maintained throughout the period of the event.

“The mobilization of ExEv for the World Cup has begun,” explains Major Douglas, Chief COAL – Operations Center Logistical Support Battalion Aviation Maintenance and Supply Army, responsible for preparing the aircraft for the event. With this, Helibrás also initiated efforts to deliver two Panther helicopters servicing the company’s factory in Itajubá, and a brand new EC725 that just passed intermediate inspection (type A / T).”To meet customer needs, we organize a task force to advance this work and deliver three fully operational helicopters on time,” says Flávio Pires, vice president of support services and Helibrás.

Another action developed by Helibrás to support the operation of helicopters during the World Cup was the creation of a stock of backup that allows the company to provide, beyond the material to be expected for any type of repair on the aircraft, any part that becomes necessary for four models that will be in mission in the event – Fennec, Panther, Cougar and EC725. “It’s a big investment Helibrás, which must still be completed in May, with full flexibility to suit any emergency or unforeseen helicopters in the corporation, wherever the aircraft is,” Pires said.

Technical Support Helibrás both the workshops of the company as at the bases of ExEv, is now also organized. As in the tested last year during the Confederations Cup, also held in Brazil, the system will be in all the host cities of the Games a technical Helibrás available to the Army to carry out any necessary intervention in helicopters during the event.

Helibras also triggered major suppliers of Army Aviation and logistics companies to ensure that work is performed with the level of agility and efficiency needed. “We are confident that by following this plan and schedule, which are very well prepared, we will succeed in our mission and will do a great job in the Cup,” said Col. Denizard, head of the Directorate of Army Aviation Material (DMAvEx) – Taubaté Division.

The Brazilian Army is the largest operator of helicopters Helicopters Helibrás and Airbus in the country, with 82 aircraft brand. 25 years ago the corporation maintains large projects with the company, among which the most recent are the acquisition of 16 military transport helicopters EC725 within the supply contract for 50 aircraft of this model for the Armed Forces, signed with the Ministry of Defense, of which have already been delivered to the Force four units; the modernization of Fennec, with expected delivery of the first aircraft in July; and the Panther K2 from which two modernized units are already in operation and undergo technical and operational evaluation in the battalions of the corporation.

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About Helibrás

Helibras is the only Brazilian manufacturer of helicopters and completed in 2014, 36 years activities. Since its founding in 1978, the company has delivered more than 750 helicopters in Brazil, 70% of the Squirrel model, manufactured in Itajubá (MG). In 2012, began producing the EC725 (military) model, having built a new assembly line and expanded all its facilities for this new program. Helibras Helicopters is a subsidiary of Airbus, which belongs to the Airbus Group, a world pioneer in aerospace and defense-related services. With 47% share in the Brazilian fleet of turbine helicopters, Helibras is the market leader and maintains facilities in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Its factory, which employs more than 850 professionals and has a production capacity of 36 aircraft per year, produces and customizes various models that meet the civilian government and military segments. In 2012, the company reported total sales of $ 351,586,000. More information: www.helibras.com.br.

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