Bell starts new MSN number series for 412 EPI

Bell starts new MSN number series for 412 EPI

9-Jun-2014 Source:

Bell have started a new series of Manufacturer Serial Numbers for the 412EPI model, with 37001 being the first. Serial numbers used so far for the 412 include the following number ranges by Bell themselves

  • 33001-33213 B412, B412SP
  • 33501-33508 B412 for Saudi Air Force
  • 36001-36672 B412SP and EP models (36672 is latest known MSN, may not be last in this series)
  • 37001- is the new series for the B412EPI
  • 46400-46499 CH-146 for Canadian military

and the following on licenced production lines by AgustaWestland and Indonesian Aerospace (formally IPTN).  The “end” numbers of each range are the highest known serial in the range, and may not be the absolute highest – we would be interested to hear evidence otherwise (email us

  • 25501-25748 AB412 built in Italy
  • 25801-25808 AB412 built in Italy
  • 25901-25945 AB412 built in Italy
  • 25951-25984 AB412 built in Italy
  • 34001-34028 B412 production line in Indonesia

Existing 412 aircraft upgraded to the EPI standard will retain their existing MSN

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