PZL-Świdnik presenting advanced maritime aerospace solutions at BALT Military Expo 2014

PZL-Świdnik presenting advanced maritime aerospace solutions at BALT Military Expo 2014 2 Jul, 14, Source: AgustaWestland

PZL-Świdnik, an AgustaWestland company, is pleased to announce it is attending BALT Military Expo in Gdańsk this week (24-26th June), exhibiting its latest rotorcraft technology and confirming the Company’s key role in the Polish Armed Forces’ main maritime helicopter programmes and its leadership in the Polish aviation sector.

PZL-Świdnik has developed and produced the W-3RM Anaconda helicopter which is in service of the Polish Navy. Currently, seven W-3RM Anakondas are being operated by the Polish marine. PZL-Świdnik has recently signed a contract involving modification of five helicopters operated by the Navy to the enhanced W-3WA/W-3WARM version. The Anakonda helicopters have been operated by the Polish Navy for over 20 years, and throughout this time they have been involved in almost 280 rescue operations, in which more than 170 persons were rescued. The Anakonda’s excellent capabilities were showcased in an anti-terrorist and rescue demonstration during the second day of the show in Gdynia.

Apart from Anakonda, the latest aerospace achievements of PZL-AW engineering teams mainly the AW149 – the latest generation multirole military helicopter and the SW-4 Solo RUAS/OPH, as well as the new generation light intermediate helicopter AW169 in EMS configuration have been presented at BALT Military Expo.

Providing a complete support of helicopters in service with the Polish Navy, PZL-Świdnik is leveraging on the extensive experience and expertise of AgustaWestland in the design, production and customization of the wide range of maritime platforms. Thanks to combined capability of AW and PZL-Świdnik in the maritime helicopter market, the Świdnik-based facility is able to meet the most complex requirements of the Polish Navy now and in the future.

PZL-Świdnik’s exhibition stand at BALT Military Expo has been appreciated by a large number of visitors, including the highest-rank officials, the Armed Forces representatives, journalists and aviation enthusiasts.

BALT Military Expo is among the most important defence-related exhibitions in Poland. It is held every two years in Gdańsk. The exhibition is organized under honorary patronage of the Minister of National Defence. BALT Military Expo focuses on maritime safety and security, sea and land rescue and the latest defence systems. It is dedicated to the Polish Navy and other types of Armed Forces, as well as services subject to Poland’s Ministry of Interior, i.e. the Police, the Border Guard.

The NATCON conference is organized as an accompanying event to BALT Military Expo. PZL-Świdnik took part in the conference presenting the AW/PZL’s state-of-the-art maritime aerospace technologies.

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