Spain – Cantabria renews SAR contract with INAER

Spain – Cantabria renews SAR contract with INAER 11 Aug, 14, Source: INAER

The Government of Cantabria Spain INAER been renewed with the shuttle by helicopter for search and rescue operations, emergency medical services and other work of civil protection. This contract has a value of 6.35 million euros and a duration of four years.

INAER Spain will continue to operate the Bell 412EP helicopter base located in Santander airport. Among the missions that this aircraft is dedicated stand, sea and land rescue and tracking shipments of injured or affected by a disease emergency support wildfire suppression, surveillance and reconnaissance in alert situations, etc.

Meanwhile, the team that the company intended to this service will be made up of four pilots, two console operators and chief base. Both the aircraft and the crew have the necessary technical requirements to fly 24 hour certifications.

INAER operates the helicopter emergency and civil protection of the Government of Cantabria since 1989, to date the operation has completed more than 2,500 missions.

INAER Spain is the pioneer in the use of ambulance helicopters since 1986, when it launched the country’s first medical helicopter. In 2013, 27 medical helicopters operated by INAER performed more than 8,959 health emergency missions throughout the Spanish territory and served a total of 7,486 people. He also completed 8083 hours of flight and rescue missions, with 3,726 people attended.

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