INAER Spain’s “Gigante 3” completes 197 missions in first half of 2014

INAER Spain’s “Gigante 3” completes 197 missions in first half of 2014 15 Sep, 14, Source: INAER

[electronic translation] The city of Cuenca’s medical helicopters, operated by a crew from INAER Spain (INAER), has completed 197 missions during the first half of the year.

84% of the missions related to health problems (including heart attacks, strokes and respiratory problems), and 16% related to traumas (such as traffic accidents and work injuries).

The capacity of the air ambulance is very similar to that of ground units or mobile ICUs, as they are fully equipped to treat sick and injured patients regardless of age, as well as being able to provide aerial transport.

INAER not only operates the helicopters but also provides trained medical staff, which in this case involves a doctor and a nurse, who are experienced in emergency medicine and have specific training for aerial emergencies.

Castilla La Mancha has four medical helicopters, based in Albacete, Toledo, Cuenca and Almagro, the latter two of which operate night flights. The region is therefore covered for any type of emergency, with an average response time of 20 minutes.

Aside from their healthcare activities, the 112 Emergency Service, at the request of other departments (such as Civil Protection, State Security, and Forestry Commission) has coordinated the Castilla La Mancha health services (Sescam) to expand its services to assist in other emergencies, such as medical assistance during forest fires and search and rescue in hazardous terrain.

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