Puerto Rico fails to pay – last air ambulance closes down

Puerto Rico fails to pay – last air ambulance closes down

15-Sep-2014 Source: Aeromed

AEROMED ceases operations… and by the time without air ambulance Puerto Rico once more Puerto Rico without air ambulance.

After 18 months without receiving a single payment from the Department of health and instead submit a proposal to commit to pay only 17 of 262 flights in that period of time at a rate below the established, Aeromed Administration yesterday announced the cessation of their operations.

For may of this year 2014 debt with my health reform amounted to $4.6 million of 237 flights that were made around Puerto Rico. Aeromed management reduced her debt to $1.7 million, forgiving a $2.9 million in this way. On top of that dropped him $1.7 million to $1.4 million per 262 flights on a payment plan, but none of this prospered.

“There is no way that we can continue to operate and we have exhausted all administrative remedies. “We have 18 months from April 2013, without receiving a single payment of my health reform because we recognize the fiscal situation of the Government, we have been sensitive and more than condescending, but there is no way that we can maintain a quality operation without receiving a single cent in 18 months for the services we have offered”, said the Director of AeromedJosé a. Hernández II.

Hernández II indicated that from January 2014 arrangements for the payment of invoices are being made to the Department of health, and recently from the Department indicated that the determination of health was to pay only 17 of 262 flights that have been made in the past 18 months through reduction at an unacceptable rate for the company.

“This denotes lack of commitment and lack of urgency in providing essential life services,” indicates the letter that sent Aeromed management to the Director of the Legal Division of the Department of health, Lic. Mayra Maldonado Colón, notifying the cessation of operations.

Before reporting the cessation of operations, Aeromed executives gave him until noon yesterday Thursday, September 11 at the Department of health so submit a response.

“At this point, and after 18 months of hard work without compensation, Aeromed not can continue by supporting the operation in the absence of a compromise, serious, formal and urgent of key components in the Government.” We are confident that the officials in charge of the decision to comply with this commitment to realize the importance and relevance of this critical care service to save lives. We are in the best position to keep channels of communication open with the DRA. Rius, Secretary of the Department of health, to help them comply with the plan of payment offered by Aeromed”concluded Hernández II.

# AEROMED has been providing air ambulance to Puerto Rico accident-free service since 1994. The company has transported nearly 15,000 patients in the past 20 years and in the process they have saved thousands of lives. AEROMED professionalism and standards have been recognized in the past by various entities such as the House of representatives, the Senate of Puerto Rico and by Ernst & Young, who in 2001 was awarded the prestigious “Company of the year” award in the area of health services. (Translated by Bing)

Editor note – Aeromed flew EC135T1 N911AX operated by Eagle Air Med


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