Metro Aviation closer to HeliSAS STC for EC135

Metro Aviation closer to HeliSAS STC for EC135 23 Sep, 14, Source: Metro Aviation

Metro Aviation successful completed the initial flight test for the Genesys Aerosystems’ HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System on a non-autopilot equipped EC135. The autopilot capabilities, to be used for VFR aircraft, will ease pilot workload and increase flight stability and safety.

“Metro Aviation has committed to equipping all of its VFR aircraft with a Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot. We knew if we wanted a solution for our VFR EC135 aircraft we would have to partner with the Genesys group in that development,” said Metro Aviation Managing Director Milton Geltz. “With that in mind, we set out to configure the autopilot similar to the single engine systems, but with additional features. We are excited that the system developed will have essentially the same features for our VFR aircraft that are used in IFR systems.”

The autopilot system includes many functions found in heavier helicopter autopilots, but at a fraction of the weight. The HeliSAS system provides stability, ease of handling and precise control during all modes of flight. Pilots benefit from enhanced handling characteristics, and the attitude stabilization and force feel features mitigate inadvertent cyclic control inputs that could result in dangerous attitudes. The system also features automatic recovery, allowing the aircraft to recover to a neutral attitude by releasing the cyclic.

Geltz expects to have an STC for the Genesys HeliSAS by year end 2014.

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