ARGUS Sponsors PSAAC and Accreditation Standard with PRISM for Law Enforcement

ARGUS Sponsors PSAAC and Accreditation Standard with PRISM for Law Enforcement 25 Sep, 14, Source: ARGUS

ARGUS International, Inc. has entered into a Sponsorship Agreement with the Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission (PSAAC), also known has the Airborne Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. The Agreement recognizes ARGUS’s support of PSAAC as the official accreditation authority for the airborne law enforcement community and PSAAC recognizes ARGUS’ as an official sponsor of the PSAAC‘s Standards for Law Enforcement Aviation Units with a fully PSAAC compliant SMS Solution known as PRISM for Law Enforcement.

A robust and active Safety Management System (SMS) stands at the core of the PSAAC Standards. Airborne law enforcement organizations seeking PSAAC Accreditation must demonstrate they have a SMS in place that meets this standard. Aircraft operators effectively utilizing PRISM’s SMS for Law Enforcement program will be confident during their accreditation audit that their SMS Program will meet the rigorous requirements of PSAAC.

“As the leading provider of complete SMS solutions for on-demand aircraft operators, including numerous law enforcement flight departments, PRISM was excited to enter into this Sponsorship Agreement with PSAAC”, stated PRISM Vice President Chris Young. “Gaining full access to the PSAAC standard has allowed us to tweak our program to the unique requirements of the PSAAC standard, translating into increased confidence and ease of compliance for our growing number of law enforcement subscribers.”

PSAAC President Jim DiGiovanna added “On behalf of all of the PSAAC Commissioners, I am delighted to welcome and acknowledge ARGUS International, Inc. as a sponsor of our Law Enforcement Aviation Standards and Accreditation Program. Their newly developed PRISM for Law Enforcement SMS solution meets all of the PSAAC SMS requirements for the purpose of Accreditation. We are looking forward to a long standing partnership with ARGUS in our efforts to make our industry safer.”

About ARGUS International Inc.

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is a specialized aviation services company whose mission is to provide the aviation marketplace with data and information necessary to make informed decisions and manage risk. ARGUS subsidiary, PRISM, is a worldwide leader in Safety Management System (SMS) and Certification services for fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators, including SMS training, facilitation, manuals, and industry leading ARMOR SMS software.

ARGUS provides world-class aviation software and business management solutions, including revolutionary new AVMOSYS business management software, TRAQPak, CHEQ, and ARMOR SMS. ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality. TRAQPak provides industry leading market intelligence data and research services, as well as expert aviation consulting.

ARGUS subsidiary, ARGUS PROS, is the leading provider of on-site safety audits. Founded in 1995, ARGUS is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and actively engaged around the globe.

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