Helibrás receives the first offset credits for the EC725

Helibrás receives the first offset credits for the EC725 8 Oct, 14, Source: Helibras

Helibras received the first recognitions of offset credit by offset of the H-XBR program relating to the absorption of new knowledge and production technologies in Brazil EC725 helicopter. In this new milestone achieved by the company, the two letters issued by COPAC (Coordinating Committee of Combat Aircraft Program) amount to more than € 7.5 million.

The company was also recognized again by another stage accomplished in the Industrial Cooperation agreement, now related to the delivery of avionics produced in Brazil by AEL Sistemas, for the twentieth helicopter this model provided the Armed Forces with a credit in the amount of € 3.4 million.

The document’s credit offset certifies compliance of project activities HUMS ( Health and Usage Monitoring System ), as the theoretical training at Airbus Helicopters, in France, a Brazilian team consisting of engineers Helibrás, teachers of the Institute of Aerospace Technology ( ITA), São José dos Campos (SP), and teachers of Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), Minas Gerais. The team acquired knowledge about the HUMS system, which deals with the predictive maintenance of aircraft and also the advanced vibration analysis, accident analysis and reliability of systems during operations, and the maintenance of parts of the main rotor and tail of the helicopter.

Recognition of COPAC also extended to practical training of staff in customer support in HUMS system activities held for five months in Airbus Helicopters, with analysis of actual fleet data and preparation of documents and reports.

The credits offset also include activities related to technical support that is offering the Helibrás Brascopter, Brazilian technology company in rotorcraft . Recognition cover the transfer of equipment, systems and documentation, as the license to use thesoftware Rotor Code for The DCTA – Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, and also the delivery of a report containing the specifications of a rotating tower ( whirl tower ) scaled for testing and dynamic balancing of the rotor blades of aircraft, items that contribute to the expansion the field of helicopter technology in the country.

“The H-XBR program agreed between Airbus and Helibrás Helicopters and the Ministry of Defense of Brazil benefits the whole production chain with the process of technology transfer, which is the largest ever deployed in the country and offers businesses and professionals new participants knowledge applicable throughout the Brazilian airline industry, “says the president of Helibrás, Eduardo Marson.

With all the letters of recognition of credit issued and delivered to Helibrás since last year, Brazil has confirmed receipt of the total € 295.8 million in compensation of a contractual obligation in the amount of € 1.9 billion.

About Helibrás

Helibras is the only Brazilian manufacturer of helicopters and completed in 2014, 36 years of activities. Since its founding in 1978, the company has delivered more than 750 helicopters in Brazil, 70% of the Squirrel model, manufactured in Itajubá (MG). In 2012, began producing the EC725 (military) model, having built a new assembly line and expanded all its facilities to this new program. Helibras is a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters, which belongs to the Airbus Group, a world pioneer in aerospace and defense-related services. With 47% share in the Brazilian fleet of turbine helicopters, Helibras is the market leader and maintains facilities in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Its factory, which employs over 820 professionals and has a production capacity of 36 aircraft per year, produces and customizes various models that meet the civil, governmental and military segments. In 2013, the company reported total sales of $ 389 million. More information: www.helibras.com.br .

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