AHIA helps establish Rotary Wing Precinct at Avalon Airshow 2015

AHIA helps establish Rotary Wing Precinct at Avalon Airshow 2015

9-Oct-2014 Source: AHIA

The AHIA Events Coordinator, Rob Rich, met with Ian Honnery, CEO, Aerospace Australia Limited at the Land Forces 2014 Exhibition in Brisbane on 24 Sep ’14 to explore better ways to promote the Australian helicopter industry to the world.

Ian Honnery very kindly offered

to establish a “Rotary Wing Precinct” (RWP) at the Avalon Airshow 2015 from 24 Feb to 1 Mar ‘15. In particular, a “Helicopter Show Case” static display area (HSC) would be located within or close to the RWP.

Avalon organisers want to provide a strong visual feature by establishing a large number of closely parked machines in a very prominent and central point within the outdoor static display areas. This will enable the industry to promote itself to the Australian general public and potential overseas clients.

Access will be coordinated by the AHIA. Helicopter owners and operators, both private and business, will be allowed to place their machines within the HSC for the duration of Avalon 2015 at no charge. Prior approval and appropriate operational and safety briefings are mandatory prior to entry into HSC. These will be coordinated by the (AHIA).

Emergency services helicopters on stand-by for SAR, fire-fighting, police and other emergency services operations are able to exit the RWP at any time; but other helicopters (private, corporate and business) are required to be on fixed static-display and are not able to leave before the show finishes.

Parking fees. No charge for rotorcraft on static display within the HSC.

Signage and marketing. Helicopters on static display within the HSC are allowed limited signage, for example, an inverted “V” board. There is no cost for this service and would suit owners with a machine for sale. Scenic and training operators are encouraged to use this complimentary facility. Brochures are permitted for marketing use; however, they can only be distributed by a staff member from beside the helicopter on display. As part of the booking process, further guidance will be provided on this topic to protect the interests of other Avalon 2015 rotary exhibitors.

This facility may suit the now very popular helicopter safari organisers. Come to the Airshow, show your machine to the world and park in the centre of all the action – and the price is right!

Ian Honnery has offered our industry further complimentary facilities. Subject to booking results, the Airshow 2015 organisers will provide a Meeting Point Tent for the helicopter “fraternity” within the RWP. The purpose of this meeting place is to provide an area where helicopter people can meet each other as required. No charge would be imposed for access to the AHIA Meeting Point Tent within the RWP; but access would be controlled by the AHIA, restricting its use to those participating in the RWP or others in the helicopter industry. This will allow helicopter people some space to have a coffee and chat with their peers and family; and avoid some of the passing crowd.

On Thursday 26 February 2015, the day prior to first day of Public Airshow, the AHIA will be running a series of trade and regulatory conferences in a conference hall. Accordingly, our hosts have kindly offered to sponsor and provide a “sausage-sizzle” breakfast and lunch at the RWP. Available to helicopter enthusiasts and their families.

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