Pall launches PB110D PUREair Dry Barrier Filters for Bell 206L and 407

Pall launches PB110D PUREair Dry Barrier Filters for Bell 206L and 407 15 Oct, 14, Source: PALL

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) today announced the introduction of PB110D PUREair Dry Barrier Filters as FAA-PMA direct-fit replacements for competitor oil-wetted filters. The new product will be unveiled at Helitech International in Amsterdam, October 14-16. The PUREair Dry Barrier Filters extend the successful PUREair portfolio of products available from Pall and DART Aerospace.

PUREair Dry Barrier Filters have been specifically designed for applications using advanced synthetic dry media technology that virtually eliminates the maintenance associated with conventional oil-wetted barrier filters. The Pall Aerospace PUREair barrier filter is cleaned with water only and is ready for re-use within minutes.

“This is an exciting time for helicopter operators who have been demanding engine protection without the costly and time-consuming maintenance of conventional oil-wetted barrier filters,” said Todd Barrett, Vice President of Marketing, Pall Aerospace. “’DO NOT OIL’ is not only an instructional placard on the product, but represents a new level of engine protection. We have been investing in the development of our advanced synthetic dry media for many years and we’re proud to see our first commercial application certified.”

In addition to the PB110D, Pall Aerospace will also unveil three other PUREair Dry Barrier Filters at Helitech International that will be certified this winter.  These are direct-fit replacements for Bell 206L/407 and Airbus Helicopter AS350 barrier filter installations.

“This is an important expansion of the PUREair product portfolio that we are working on with Pall Aerospace that will eventually allow us to cover any requirement for engine protection,” said Mike O’Reilly, President of DART Aerospace. “From Active Vortex Systems like the PA100 for AS350/EC130 to the Dry Barrier Filters being introduced today, we want to be the ‘go-to’ provider of advanced engine protection products.”

Pall Dry Barrier Filter technology development began as part of a U.S. Army product improvement project in 2006. The Pall Aerospace PUREair Dry Barrier Filter was qualified for the BLACK HAWK helicopter in 2009 and underwent extensive testing to prove its durability, reliability, and performance. It is currently certified globally for use on BLACK HAWK helicopters utilizing the EIBF (Engine Inlet Barrier Filter) system. The PB110D PUREair Dry Barrier Filter is based on this proven technology and has been optimized for the challenging space, performance, and certification requirements of commercial helicopters.

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