Bel Air takes delivery of first AW189 and signs for a third

Bel Air takes delivery of first AW189 and signs for a third 16 Oct, 14, Source: AgustaWestland

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that Bel Air of Denmark has taken delivery of its first AW189 super medium helicopter during an official ceremony held at Helitech International today (Amsterdam, October 14th – 16th). The aircraft will be used for offshore oil and gas transport missions in the North Sea while a second helicopter will be handed over shortly. Bel Air also signed a preliminary sales contract to purchase a third AW189 helicopter to further enhance its long range capabilities.

An existing AW139 operator with a total requirement for six units of this type, Bel Air will now benefit from the unique operational, training, support and management advantages of the AgustaWestland Family of next generation helicopters, thanks to the introduction of the AW189 model into their fleet. This all new approach to effective, flexible and efficient fleet management will support Bel Air as  it expands its operations in support of the North Sea oil and gas industry, as well as carrying out offshore wind turbine support and ad hoc helicopter services.

The AW189 was designed in response to growing market demand for a versatile, affordable, multirole super medium class helicopter. The new 8.3 ton, twin-engine helicopter is optimized for long range offshore transport and SAR missions and has already received over 130 orders, including options and framework agreements, in more than 10 countries from 15 customers, making it the outright market leader in its class.

The spacious cabin is configured with 16 seats as standard with the option for a high density 18 seat layout or a long range 12 seat configuration. The cockpit design, incorporating the latest in advanced situational awareness technologies, reduces crew workload and enhances safety. The AW189 meets the very latest international regulatory safety requirements (EASA / FAA Part 29, JAR OPS 3 / EU-OPS). The AW189 is unique in having a 50 minute ‘run-dry’ capable main gear box, exceeding current certification standards and offering unmatched safety and reliability for long range offshore operations.

A comprehensive range of support and training services for the type have been developed including  virtual and ground maintenance trainers, an AW189 Flight Training Device (FTD) and an AW189 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) to assist the entry into service of this new generation super medium twin engine helicopter.

Bel Air was established in 1994 and is a Danish owned offshore helicopter company. It has its main base at Esbjerg Airport and operates offshore flights there to offshore oil and gas installations as well as wind farms in the North Sea. Bel Air is also the official AgustaWestland Service Centre for the AW139 in Denmark and soon also for the AW189.


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