5 Approaches That Every Helicopter Pilot Needs to Embrace

5 Approaches That Every Helicopter Pilot Needs to Embrace

29-Oct-2014 Source: IHST

Hazardous attitudes contribute to poor pilot judgment and to accidents, but these attitudes can be effectively counteracted by redirecting them so that correct action can be taken. Recognition of hazardous thoughts is the first step toward neutralizing them. After recognizing a thought as hazardous, a pilot should remember a corresponding positive approach, assess the degree of risk and determine the best course of action to mitigate the risk. To fly safely, a pilot can use these positive approaches.

Follow your rules.”  The rules are usually right. Don’t let your independence bend the rules to get your way.  Most of the time, it will backfire.

Think first.”Don’t act too fast without thinking first.  Most situations in the cockpit do not require one-second snap decisions. A pilot usually has time to evaluate and choose an action.

It could happen to me.”Just because you never had an engine fail or experience the weather turning bad, it doesn’t mean it will never happen to you. Be prepared for adverse circumstances.

Taking chances is foolish.” Although a certain amount of confidence is required for flying and you feel more capable when your skills improve, it’s important to keep a realistic view.  Understand your own capabilities and stay within them.

I am not helpless.”  My experience and my judgment can make a difference. Sometimes outside pressures will push you to leave the final go/no-go decision to an external factor instead of keeping a safety first mindset.  Use all the information and tools you have available and make a rationaldecision for yourself if a flight is safe.

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