Berlin air ambulance base celebrates 20 years

Berlin air ambulance base celebrates 20 years

3-Nov-2014 Source: DRF

[electronic translation] Whether a heart attack or stroke patient, a verunfalltes child or a serious car accident in the night – starts in 20 years “Christoph Berlin” HDM air rescue daily operations for the fastest possible medical care to patients and transport in specialized clinics. To mark this anniversary the HDM air rescue has invited to a ceremony at the station Berlin yesterday. About 90 invited guests, among them cooperation partners from government, emergency services and medicine, accepted the invitation.

Prof. Dr. Walter Schaffartzik, Medical Director of the Accident Hospital Berlin (UKB), opened the event in the boiler house of ukb: “We are in the Emergency Hospital Berlin proud that ‘Christoph Berlin’ is stationed with us. For a critically ill or critically injured patient only has a realistic chance of survival if it can be treated as soon as possible in a specialized center on. The specialty clinics ukb offer such a fast and highly qualified care of emergency and intensive care patients. ”

Dr. Hans Jörg Eyrich, Managing Director of HDM air rescue, joined with the words: “Around six million people live in the metropolitan region of Berlin-Brandenburg, a region, the more different could be: Berlin as a capital city with a huge population density and Brandenburg one of the most sparsely populated countries face in the Federal Republic. For emergency services, this is a particular challenge. In the midst of this region is ‘Christoph Berlin’ stationed for 20 years and firmly established: Whilst initially under 100 applications per year, he was alerted last year 1,167 times. This figure makes it clear today that the deployment of our helicopter here in Berlin was absolutely necessary. As the first helicopter in Berlin / Brandenburg is ‘Christoph Berlin’ used from the start around the clock for injured or seriously ill patients. ”

Uwe Hagen Green, state chairman of the ASB Berlin, spoke afterwards and emphasized the stable partnership of ASB Berlin and the HDM air rescue, which is to go out so successfully as in the past in the next few years.

He was succeeded by Klaus Zuch, Head of Department for public safety and order, at the lectern. In his speech he emphasized the good cooperation of all those who provide the day-to-day that the people in the region get prompt medical help in an emergency. Air rescue was not an essential part of the emergency medical services system. Not only the people in Berlin benefit from “Christoph Berlin”, but the entire region.

Sieglinde Ehbrecht, Head of Outpatient care of vdek, Dietrich Schneider, business unit director Other providers of AOK North-East, and Christian Reuter, national director of the ASB Germany joined with their greetings and appreciation for the commitment and the important work of the staff of the station. 
Finally said Dr. Jörg Beneker, medical director of the Berlin station, and Thomas Reimer, pilot and director of the Berlin station, its crew a Berlin gratitude, without an air rescue around the clock would not be possible.

Background on Berlin Station

“Christoph Berlin” is used for the fast and safe transport of critically ill patients between hospitals. In addition, he is alerted of an emergency in addition to the existing emergency services as quickly ambulance shuttle. For this purpose, it is ready by the Emergency Hospital Berlin from 24 hours a day. Within 15 minutes he can reach any location within 50 kilometers as the crow. It is used primarily for use in Berlin and Brandenburg, but also in Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In the first half of 2014, the Berlin air rescuers completed a total of 584 missions.

Background information on the DRF Air Rescue

The HDM air rescue is part of the DRF air rescue. This sets a to 30 stations in Germany and Austria helicopters for emergency rescue and transport of critically ill patients between hospitals, eight of them even around the clock.About the helicopter rescue, the DRF air rescue leads global transport of patients by ambulance with aircraft. Last year, the red-white air rescuers launched a total of 38,180 operations. In order to finance their life-saving work, the organization operating profit is dependent on the support of sponsors and donors, Info Phone: 0711-70072211.Current information on the Internet at or

Background information on the Emergency Hospital Berlin

The Emergency Hospital Berlin (UKB) is a highly specialized clinical center for the treatment of severely ill patients and for rescue and rehabilitation of severely injured from all over Germany. In special disciplines such as the treatment of fire, spinal cord and hand injuries is the ukb international forefront. Opened in 1997, the house in Berufsgenossenschaftlicher sponsorship is with 550 beds, 25 clinics, institutes and centers, 20 stations, a receiving station, ten Central OPs, two outpatient surgery and a specialized operating room in the center for severe burns one of the most advanced gravity hospitals in Europe. Over 87,000 patients are treated annually.

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