Practical Dart Products for the R66

Practical Dart Products for the R66 21 Nov, 14, Source: Dart

Dart introduces ultra-resistant floor and baggage protectors

Manufactured from high quality aerospace-grade, thermoformed polycarbonate, DART Floor& Baggage Protectors for the crew and passenger areas are designed to be impact-, UV-, heat- and cold-resistant, and offer superior resistance to cracking and discoloration.

The baggage protector guards panels against damage from stowed cargo.

Approved by Transport Canada,FAA, EASAand ANAC-Brazil.

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R66 bearpaws now approved by EASA

The lightweight one-piece machined construction ensures consistent and deliberate load transfer while the high strength polymer with memory, deflects under critical point loading without failure and returns to its original shape when unloaded.

Approved by Transport Canada, FAA and EASA.

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EASA approves R66 cargo mirror

The Cargo Mirror mounts easily to the FWD end of the right hand skidtube for increased visibility.

View R66 Cargo Mirror

Approved by Transport Canada,FAA and EASA.

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