See Ryan Aerospace (Australia) at I/ITSEC USA 2014

See Ryan Aerospace (Australia) at I/ITSEC USA 2014 28 Nov, 14, Source: Ryan Aerospace

Ryan Aerospace will be at I/ITSEC 2014, the world’s largest military simulation and training event held 1-4 December in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Laser Shot (based in Orlando) have integrated an exciting and brand new software platform known as “Titan” to work with the Ryan Aerospace HELICREW. Titan provides a holistic simulation environment as a unifying platform for new and existing simulation capabilities to interoperate and expand beyond traditional approaches. Titan leverages a whole world representation of Earth to allow any user to create a new scenario, modify the environment, or participate as a virtual entity – at any point around the world. With full scenario editing, scenario debrief, and a game-quality high fidelity synthetic environment within one application, Titan caters for end users out of the box as well as developers seeking a capable platform to author custom training solutions.

The Ryan Aerospace HELICREW in the UH-60 Blackhawk variant comprises a simple touch screen system allowing users to create (or have us create) instruments, systems and avionics specific to your aircraft type or training requirement. We can also provide realistic or simplified control grips so that you’re only paying for what you need. It can also be slightly modified to suit other large helicopter types such as the NH-90 and CH-47.

The Ryan Aerospace HELICREW is perfect for mission rehearsal and tactical training scenarios where you may require multiple (networked) simulators but it’s a solution that comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation.

We will also be demonstrating the brand new HELIMOD Mark II. Our customer Roy Aircraft & Avionics Simulation Inc. have integrated a high fidelity flight model using Presagis HELISIM software and added motion using D-Box techonology.

See the demonstration on the D-Box booth at site #613. Note: the image below shows the system without the D-Box motion platform. In this instance, the HELIMOD Mark II is using X-Plane software (showing just how versatile it can be) and avionics (Garmin 530 GPS, DME, Transponder, etc.) from Precision Flight Controls. The system uses two PC’s, three 60 inch monitors (in portrait orientation to provide an excellent vertical field of view) and comes with a fully operational instructor station for on-the-fly weather changes, instigation of failures and after-action review.

The HELIMOD and HELICREW systems can be used with:
1) Titan
2) VBS2 / VBS3
3) X-Plane
4) Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D
5) Presagis products (such as HeliSIM and Vega Prime)
6) Microsoft Flight Simulator; and
7) virtually any other simulation software

The HELIMOD and HELICREW devices are known for:
1) Affordability;
2) Re-configurability;
3) Rugged yet stylish design;
4) Interoperability (USB ‘Plug and Play’); and
5) Small footprint

1) Mission rehearsal
2) Combined Arms Training / Collective Training / Joint Training / Tactical Training
3) Part-task trainer (PTT)
4) Ab-initio helicopter training
5) Emergency procedures
6) NAV training / IFR / GPS approach / Instrument approaches etc.
7) Lab work / testing
8) Human factors analysis
9) DIS role player
10) Weather avoidance / interaction
11) Fire attack simulation
12) Crew resource management (with optional rear cabin and airframe cockpit enclosure)
13) Displays at trade shows / events (for recruiting agencies, software vendors etc.)

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