US FDA approves Draeger’s GT5400 Transport Incubator

US FDA approves Draeger’s GT5400 Transport Incubator

3-Dec-2014 Source: Draeger

Draeger today announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared its Globe-Trotter GT5400 neonatal transport system. Designed to move effortlessly between helicopters, airplanes and ambulances, GT5400 meets global safety certifications and incorporates high-performance components that are critical for the care of neonatal patients. In the U.S., it is estimated that close to 70,000 neonates are subject to inter- or intra-hospital transport each year.

The GT5400 is a universal transport incubator system that incorporates essential functions such as thermoregulation, ventilation, vibration damping, intravenous infusion pumps, and monitors. While clinicians traditionally had to rely on separate, non-integrated devices to move neonates depending on the type of transport, the GT5400 allows for patients to remain in one incubator – whether they are being moved via emergency helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, ambulance, or simply wheeled into another area of a hospital.

The GT5400 will be introduced at the annual American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress, Dec. 9-12, in Las Vegas.

Additional features of Draeger’s Globe-Trotter GT5400 include:

1) Unmatched Safety: The GT5400 has been tested and certified according to international safety standards for land and air transport.

2) Sophisticated Ergonomics: The GT5400 was designed for ease-of-use by clinicians and transport teams. With easy-to-read digital displays, front-facing control panels, convenient gas cylinder trays, and easily accessed operating elements, users can constantly monitor critical functions and, most importantly, the patients.

3) Vibration Damping: The GT5400’s vibration damping system lessens the impact of vibrations on the neonatal patient during transport.

4) Thermal Environment: The GT5400 has a stable thermal environment that protects neonates against sudden thermal changes during transport.

5) Mechanical Compatibility: As a comprehensive system, the GT5400 provides seamless mechanical connectivity and compatibility. Having one system helps hospitals reduce costs and simplify logistics for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and ambulances.

6) ICON Training: The Intensive Care Online Network(ICON) will be providing ongoing clinical support to GT5400 system users. Draeger has partnered with ICON to provide customers with unparalleled training, ongoing education and support by proven industry experts.

“The research, engineering, and safety testing that has been undertaken for the GT5400 is of paramount importance and its introduction into the U.S. highlights Draeger’s ongoing commitment to providing safe and effective products for neonatal treatment,” said Edwin Coombs, MA-RRT-NPS, ACCS, FAARC, Director of Marketing for Intensive Care/Neonatal Care for North America. “The GT5400 nearly provides the level of sophistication seen in a neonatal ICU during transport. Its features are designed to help clinicians provide optimal care and ensure the ongoing safety, comfort, and well-being of neonatal patients.”

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